Under the control of so-called sources at the Tahirpur border, smuggling is rampant

Mosharraf Hossain Liton Sunamganj District:

The Tahirpur border in Sunamganj is now under the control of so-called BGB sources.

Sources are smuggling coal from India every night by evading millions of rupees in government revenue.

Newspapers have repeatedly reported that the source identities are being extorted from the smuggled coal anonymously, with the BGB seizing the smuggled goods in regular patrols and raids, but often the smugglers and the alleged source identities are out of reach.
Due to which the power of smugglers and sources is known to increase day by day.

According to the locals, Charagaon border of the upazila is known as the smuggling base of the upazila border. Khokon, son of Lal Hossain of Lalghat village in Sreepur North Union, Harun, son of Alinur Miah of the same village, Shahidul, son of late Abdul Mutalib Miah, Ramzan, son of Kala Fakir of Banshtala village of the same area are smuggling coal from India through this border. Quddus Mia, son of the late Abdul Helim Mia. Every morning, with more than 50 workers, they extract coal from the Indian border and store it in the forest next to the cut wire fence near the Bangladesh border. And in the evening, the coal is taken out of the forest and crossed the border, the steel body boats kept in Sansar Haor are sent to different parts of the country including Kalmakanda and Netrokona through Patlai river. Shafiqul Islam alias (Bhairab), son of late Maqbool Hossain of Charagaon (Sansar Par) village in Sreepur Uttar Union of the upazila, had to pay Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 to smuggle the smuggled coal.

According to several locals, the stolen coal is being smuggled every night. Shafiqul Islam (Bhairab) is taking money because he has to pay money to BGB and journalists.

Asked about this to Khokon Miah, son of Lal Hossain of Lalghat village in Sreepur North Union of Smuggling Gang Leader Upazila, he said, “We took the opportunity to bring coal from India and paid Shafiqul Islam Bhairab for it.”
Asked how much he pays and who he takes money from, he avoided saying, “He told a lot of people, we don’t want to know so much.”

However, when asked about this on his mobile phone with Shafiqul Islam alias (Bhairab), he denied it, saying, “I used to work as a source for BGB and journalists, but now I don’t. I don’t pay them because there are some loose journalists.” Now, like before, goods are not smuggled, but sometimes they are unloaded without the BGB’s knowledge.

When contacted by Charagaon BGB camp (0179613127), he said they have no source.

In this regard, Sunamganj Battalion 26 BGB Commander Taslim Ehsan PSC said, “If there is smuggling at the border, specific information will be given and those involved will be brought under the law.”

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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