Uncontrolled raw market in Abhaynagar: Health rules are being violated

Aminur Rahman (Staff Reporter) Jessore:

The situation in Abhaynagar of Jessore is getting worse. The number of victims is increasing. The list of deaths with growing symptoms. In such a horrible situation, the haat bazaars of different unions of Abhaynagar and the main fish, meat and raw bazaars of Nawapara town are running uncontrollably. There is no social distance between buyers and sellers.

Buyers and sellers continue to violate hygiene rules despite a week-long government crackdown on the spread of corona infections and delta variants.

On the spot, the main fish and raw market of Nawapara has been visited. Most buyers and sellers used masks but there was no social distance between them. There was a kind of competition between the sellers to break the social distance. One was passing the time and the other was busy. The scene changed a bit after the Executive Magistrate, Abhaynagar Thana Police and Army entered the market. Market traders and buyers became cautious. The condition of the fish and meat market adjacent to the Bhairab river was more dire. Occupying the roads, the trade was going on freely.

If the administration is not more strict, Nawapara will soon become a corona town. Fish, meat and raw material traders say different things, they say this is happening because of the fish, meat and raw market. If the three markets could be moved to different places, the crowds would be greatly reduced. Social distance would not be violated to ensure hygiene. Sushant Kumar Das Shant, mayor of Nawapara municipality and joint secretary of Abhaynagar Upazila A-League, said the Nawapara municipal authorities were carrying out all kinds of awareness work to ensure market control and hygiene. There is a volunteer team. Arrangements have been made to raise awareness through publicity mics in important places to prevent corona infection. Awareness can save everyone from this epidemic.

Executive Magistrate Upazila Executive Officer. Aminur Rahman said the administration is working in unison to implement strict restrictions as per the instructions of Jessore district administration. The mobile court campaign to ensure hygiene and control Nawapara market is continuing.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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