Transmitter theft in Abhaynagar: Detention 2

Aminur Rahman, Jessore:

In Abhaynagar of Jessore, rural electricity transmitters are constantly being stolen. One cycle after another is stealing transformers from different areas by seizing the opportunity.

It is learned that about one and a half electrical transformers have been stolen from Dhopadi, Sarkhola, Laxmipur, Pachankbar, Dumurtala and other areas of the upazila. The thieves stole 12 electrical transformers from Dhopadi village.

Mahabur Sardar, Mamun Mollah, Anwar Hossain, the customer of the stolen victim’s electric transformer, said, “Before Eid, we had a transformer of electric pole in the motor but it is nothing inside except the sheath recently.” This gang of thieves also stole our transmitter to the next village.

These are the leaders of the Transmitter Thieves Syndicate. The two main accused have been arrested. If they are remanded. Then all the thieves will be caught.

According to some traders of Dhopadi Natun Bazar, Shariful Islam Sunny (Sagar) (22), son of Ahidul Islam of Dhopadi village and the deceased of the same village. Md. Aminur Moral (36), son of Montaz Moral, is involved in various misdeeds. There are several cases including theft of cows in Aminur’s name.

They further said that Aminur and his associates were caught stealing a rural electricity transmitter. If their remand is granted, all the theft information will come out.

Abhaynagar police have sent two persons to jail for stealing a transmitter in the incident. Two people were arrested on charges of theft early Monday night. The detainees are Shariful Islam Sunny (Sagar), 22, son of Ahidul Islam of Dhopadi village and the deceased of Dhopadi village. Md. Aminur Moral (38), son of Montaz Moral.

Abhaynagar police station whose case no.
Sub-Inspector of Police (SI) Mohammad Monir, who is investigating the theft case, said he went to steal the transformer of the electric pole in the Quddus member’s land next to Chhata Chattar in West Para of Ward 2.

The people of the area chased and arrested the two. The other two escaped.
After informing the police station, the police went and arrested two persons from the spot. An operation is underway to arrest the other two. They recovered the stolen sewing rings, cutting pluses, 24 hand and 41 hand two lylon ropes, 4 hex blades, 2 old sheets and other stolen items from the thieves.

The fear of the locals is that if this cycle of thieves comes out due to the negligence of the concerned administration or any kind of management, then this syndicate will be formed again. They demanded that strict action be taken by the administration to prevent such misdeeds from happening again.

Abdullah Al Mamun, DGM, Nawapara area of ​​Jessore Palli Bidyut Samiti-2, said police had arrested two people for stealing a rural electricity transmitter. Police have been asked to take legal action against them.

In this regard, Officer-in-Charge of Abhaynagar Police Station Md. Moniruzzaman said that the entire gang of thieves will be arrested by remanding the detainees if necessary.

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