Tiktak Hridoy Babu’s associate Tania and Sagar’s house is in Abhaynagar

Aminur Rahman, Jessore:

After the video of physical and sexual abuse of a Bangladeshi girl went viral in India, another person including Tania of Abhaynagar, an associate of Tiktak Hridoy Babu, who was shot and arrested in India, has been found. The house of the young man named Sagar is also in Abhaynagar upazila.
It is learned that Sagar was also shot dead in India along with his heart.

Meanwhile, Sagar and Tania have identified. This morning I went to Sagar and Tania’s house and talked to Sagar’s family but no one from Tania’s family was found. Their house is locked.

According to the locals, Tania has a mother and a younger sister. However, they have not been seen for two days. Tania’s home is in Shivnagar village of Baghutia union in Abhaynagar upazila. According to the locals, the talented daughter Tania and her younger sister lived in this village with her mother Shahida Begum. Tania’s father Shahadat Hossain lives in the neighboring village of Bhatpara.

One person, who did not want to be named, said Tania lived in the village with her mother Shahida Begum and younger sister Brishti. For a long time, the girl used to dance and sing with talented young men and women. Due to which the locals did not like them. Moreover, Tania cannot be found.

It is also known that Tania’s mother and younger sister were taken away in a car on Saturday evening. On the other hand, Sagar is the son of Kamrul Gazi, a resident of Ranagati village in Shuvrara union of the upazila. From a young age, Sagar was like a poison to the family. He was kicked out of the house a year ago for his bravado and unpleasant activities.

It is learned that Sagar Ghazi, the youngest of three children of Kamrul Ghazi, a resident of Ranagati village in Shuvrara union of the upazila, is the youngest of three children. He studied up to ninth class in Fultala Re-Union Secondary School of Fultala Upazila next to his house. He was expelled from his family for living a life of dancing and singing without finishing his studies. His parents said he left home for India a year ago. They also said that Sagar has received family news from India on mobile phones three times in the last one year.

Mohiuddin Khan, a resident of the village, said that at first Sagar used to dance and sing. Later he became intoxicated. Then at one stage he used to hang out with talented children. Sagar’s parents, including the locals, have seen the viral video and have completely confirmed the matter about Sagar. His parents demanded that his son be released after a proper trial.

Meanwhile, watching the viral video has caused a lot of anger among the people of Abhaynagar Upazila.

Local police arrested six people, including two women, on Thursday night for sexually assaulting a Bangladeshi girl in Bangalore, India. Tiktak Hriday Babu along with Sagar were shot during the arrest. However, Tania is still at large.

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