Tiger panic in the locality again!

Abu-Hanif, Bagerhat Office

Tiger panic in the locality again! A tiger from the Sundarbans entered the village of Dakshin Rajapur in Rayenda Union of Sharankhola Upazila in Bagerhat. The tiger returned to the forest after roaming the area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout one and a half kilometers of the village. There are innumerable footprints of tigers in the fields of the village crops, fish ponds, river chars. On Sunday (January 10) morning, the villagers noticed the footprints of the tiger.

According to the forest department, the tiger came to the village from the front of Alamgir Talukdar’s house near Rasulpur Bazar on Friday (January 8) night while swimming in the river adjacent to Das’s Bharani patrol outpost in the Sharankhola range of the eastern Sundarbans. After wandering in different areas at night, the tiger crossed the Bhola river near Nangli patrol outpost on Saturday morning and returned to the forest. Three months ago (October 6, 2020), another Royal Bengal Tiger crossed the Bhola River and came to the village of West Rajapur in Dhansagar Union.

Meanwhile, the people of Dakshin Rajapur village are terrified by the news of the arrival of the tiger. The villagers have set up a strong fence in the barn to protect their cows and buffaloes and keep the lights on at night. Members of the Wild Team and Village Tiger Response Team (VTRT) engaged in the protection of the Sundarbans are advising the people of the village not to panic but to be vigilant in this regard.

Ibrahim Khan, a resident of the village, Sobahan Hawladar said, people are scared when they hear the news of the arrival of the tiger. They have provided lighting at night in the cows and buffalo barns to escape the tiger attack.

Alam Hawladar, field officer of Sharankhola in the wild team and Abdullah Al Amin Sumon, a member of VTRT’s Das Bharani unit, said Alamgir Talukdar of the village first saw the tiger’s footprints and informed them. After that, they walked around one and a half kilometers from Alamgir’s house to Eunuch Sardar’s fish farm and saw innumerable footprints in different places. Measurements have shown that the diameter of the footprint is 9 centimeters. The tiger is thought to be ‘female’ based on the shape of the imprint.

Bharani patrol outpost officer in charge of the forest department said. Shafiqul Islam said the forest rangers had visited the village and advised the villagers to be vigilant. They saw a tiger next to their office 15 days ago. It is believed that the tiger has entered the village.

East Sundarbans Sharankhola Range Assistant Forest Conservator (ACF) said. Joynal Abedin said a team of forest rangers led by Sharankhola station officer was sent to the spot on Sunday afternoon.

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