There is no progress in corona treatment in Pabna

Pabna District Representative:

The second wave of Corona epidemic is going on all over the country. The risk of coronary heart disease is increasing due to lack of public awareness. The second wave of corona epidemic The number of corona patients is increasing in Pabna as well as across the country.

However, no one was killed in the second phase of the corona. Although 10 months have passed since the beginning of corona infection in the country, there has been no progress in corona treatment in Pabna.

Although corona treatment has progressed in different districts of the country in the last 10 months, Pabna has remained in the previous position. As no RT-PCR lab has been set up in the district yet, corona patients from this district have to be sent to other districts for testing.

As there is no opportunity for sample testing, the amount of testing in this district is much less. The Department of Health says only samples of the suspect are being sent for testing. Civil Surgeon (Pabna) Dr KM Abu Zafar said letters have already been sent about 10 times to set up an RT-PCR lab in Pabna.

Despite repeated attempts, it was not possible to set up an RT-PCR lab here. As there is no lab facility for testing, patients from this district are being tested in the neighboring district of Sirajganj with samples.

Although the Ministry of Science and Technology has approved the setting up of two RT-PCR labs in Pabna through the Ruppur Nuclear Power Project, it has not been set up yet for unknown reasons. Regarding the setting up of the lab, the civil surgeon said that although the budget for the lab was sent, they did not take any initiative. Although there is no lack of initiative from the health department, the work of setting up the lab is still pending due to lack of initiative from the well-wishers and political circles of Pabna, he said.

Although the RT-PCR lab has not been set up, some samples are being tested with the help of Gene Expert Machine at Pabna Chest Disease Hospital. Although the corona hit the country in March last year, the first patient was found in Pabna on April 17. So far 23,793 people have been identified in the district and 1,444 people have been identified.

So far 10 people have died in the district. The monthly list shows that from April to June, the number of corona patients in the district continues to grow rapidly. Although the number of patients decreased from July to October, the number of patients increased again from November.

Despite the increase in the number of patients in the district, there has been no change in the corona medical system in Pabna. The 250-bed Pabna General Hospital has been providing services to Corona patients at the Kovit-19 unit since its inception. However, so far only 136 suspected patients have been admitted to this 100-bed unit. Of these, only 30 were coronary heart disease patients.

It is learned that most of the patients are not being admitted due to lack of adequate medical facilities. According to hospital sources, Pabna General Hospital does not have a system to provide services to at-risk patients in the Kovit-19 unit. Only ordinary and risk-free patients are being treated here.

Dr. Saleh Mohammad, who is in charge of the Corona Unit and a medical specialist at the hospital, said that due to lack of opportunities to diagnose the disease and lack of advanced treatment, prescriptions are being given only after listening to the patient’s descriptions. High flow oxygen supply is very important for corona patients. This is because patients need high flow oxygen and ICU at any time when shortness of breath starts. But he said it was not possible to start the ICU as there was no central oxygen supply at the Pabna General Hospital.

Corona treatment has already provided high flow canola for the Covit-19 unit at Pabna General Hospital, but it is of no use due to lack of central oxygen supply. Even the canola is lying in the hospital’s store room, said Dr Saleh Mohammad. Civil Surgeon Dr KM Abu Jafar said tenders have been called for the introduction of a central oxygen supply system.

Hopefully the Central Oxygen supply to the General Hospital will be resumed very soon. If central oxygen supply is ensured, it will be possible to start ICU of the hospital and at risk patients will also get treatment. Kabir Mahmud, chairman of the Kovit-19 management committee and deputy commissioner of Pabna, said that despite the health department and administration trying to make people aware, most people do not follow the health rules and the risk of corona infection is increasing.

Despite the advice to follow the hygiene rules, many are not paying attention or not following it. Although some people have been punished through mobile courts, it is not possible to deal with the epidemic by law alone without the awareness of the people.

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