The usury business in Chitalmari is worse than the corona.

Rabiul Islam, a day laborer from Ghola village, is fleeing from his house in Chitalmari upazila of Bagerhat district under the threat of interest traders. Many others like him have already fled and even committed suicide. No one wants to open their mouths against interest traders as they are influential.

When asked about this, day laborer Rabiul Islam said, there is no way to return home. Unable to pay interest, my house is now locked. I do not dare to open my mouth. He was describing his problem to reporters on Monday, June 26 at 10 am.

Describing the incident, he said he got Tk 47,000 in current interest from his neighbor Idris Sheikh. I paid double the interest for this. Even now, when the moneylender pressures me, I am running away from home. In this situation, the interest trader Idris Sheikh has locked the house with the possession of my house.

According to the victim’s family and locals, some unscrupulous people in the area are running a rampant business of current interest. Their nets are spread out like spider webs. And people of various professions including ordinary day laborers are being caught in this net. Many people, including the farmers who suffered losses during the Corona period, took money from these usurers at current interest without any recourse and later had to pay several times for their interest. Even then they are not repaying the loan. In the end, many have to write their own home. Again, many are helpless in the face of the threat of usurers are choosing the path of suicide. Some are leaving home.

According to many in the area, these usurpers are causing more terror than Corona. In addition to threats and intimidation to collect interest money, they went to the creditor’s house and abused and beat his mother, sister and wife in obscene language. As a result, many are choosing the path of suicide.

On July 19, 2000, a school teacher named Hasikana Biswas of Kharamkhali village of the upazila committed suicide under the threat of usurers. Besides, on June 17 this month, television and radio artist Manoranjan Biswas of Charbaniari village of the upazila committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope under the pressure of interest money. An influential businessman was blamed for the suicide of Ram Prasad Bala, a sculptor from Kalshira village. Besides, many people including Babu Ram Brahma, Ajay Bala, Krishna Bala and Manoj Biswas, Babu Biswas and Kala Biswas of Kalshira village have left the country under the pressure of current interest. Ariful Sikder of Daluyaguni village and Zakir Hossain of Ghola village are fleeing with their families. Their house is also locked.

Jahangir Mollah, UP member of Ward 8 in Chitalmari Sadar Union, said many people in the area have been left homeless for the sake of usurers. Many people have committed suicide under their threat. Many people do not dare to speak against these interest traders as they are influential. Because they cover up all the crimes with money, the victims do not get any justice. At the time of Corona, people are in a lot of fear, but it seems that these merchants are a bigger terror than Corona.

Talking to Idris Sheikh of Ghola village, he said that he had given money in exchange for interest to Rabiul Sheikh. Rabiul locked his house because he did not deal with him properly. He admitted the mistake of locking up. However, he could not be reached after contacting Babul alias Balu Sheikh, son of Idris Sheikh.

Barabaria UP Chairman in this regard. Masud Sardar said, I have heard about Rabiul. Locking someone’s house for the money owed, occupying the house did not work at all.

In this regard, Bagerhat Superintendent of Police AKM Ariful Haque said, those involved in such interest business will not be exempted in any way. Necessary action will be taken if the victims lodge a complaint with the police station.

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