The Supreme Court has declared the lease settlement of Jadukata river in Tahirpur valid.

Murad Mia, Sunamganj:

A five-member full bench headed by the Chief Justice of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh has declared the lease of Jadukata Bali Mahal in Tahirpur upazila bordering Sunamganj valid. The wise court pronounced the verdict on Tuesday morning after observing the ashes.

According to sources, some organizations took part in the leasing activities from Sunamganj district administration on March 23 this year. Among them, Messrs. Neelam Enterprise and Messrs. Azad Hossain, the highest bidder, got a lease of around Tk. 100 million including VAT. As soon as the lease was granted, they deposited about Rs. After hearing the writ petition, the lease given by the district administration was suspended for one year. As a result, the tenants appealed to the Appellate Division of the Bangladesh Supreme Court against the stay order and demanded employment opportunities for millions of workers in the area.

A five-member full bench comprising the Chief Justice of the Bangladesh Supreme Court fixed Tuesday for the hearing of the appeal. After presenting arguments in the presence of wise counselors from both the parties, after the hearing, the Chief Justice declared the lease given by the district administration valid.

As a result, it has been proved once again that the government and the judiciary are sincere in making a living for the helpless poor people. Local unemployed workers have also protested at various times demanding the opening of the magical river.

Millions of workers are overjoyed to hear the news of the Supreme Court verdict. Rahim, a worker from the local village of Laurgarh, said, “I have not had a job for two long years. I am living with great difficulty. We are very happy that the High Court has lifted the ban on the Magic River. Again, our way of earning income will be easier. We will not eat anymore. Congratulations to the government and everyone, including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, for opening the magical river.

Sunamganj District Labor League President on behalf of the lessees. Selim Ahmed said that the only source of livelihood for the people in the border area is the magical river. The way of earning income of millions of unemployed youth was blocked. The Supreme Court of the country has given a landmark verdict considering the poor and helpless people. Millions of workers are walking on the Jadukatan river again. Illegal river banks will be closed.

In this regard, Deputy Commissioner Md. Jahangir Hossain said, the legalization of the lease of Jadukata river will create employment opportunities for millions of unemployed youth. Appropriate legal action will be taken as soon as the direction of the court is received.

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