The owners of brick kilns are cutting the soil of the crop land


Although it is officially forbidden to cut the soil of fertile crops, the brick kiln owners are not abiding by it. Hundreds of bighas of fertile land in different unions are being cut by the owners of the brick kilns.

Not only that, all these drum trucks that are taken to the brick kiln 24 hours a day are breaking down from village to city roads for mud trucks. Traffic jams are being created at every turn. There is no one to watch. Some villagers of Shahbazpur Union complained that the owners of brick kilns are constantly cutting the soil of fertile crops around us with Vegu machines.

All this soil is being taken to the brick kilns by drum truck again. As a result, on the one hand, the roads of our village are being destroyed and on the other hand, traffic jams are constantly appearing in the market.

Traffic jams are also created in the village market for hours. Which is very sad. If we do not stop cutting the soil in this way, we will be in danger very soon. So I am seeking immediate intervention of the administration to stop this soil cutting.

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Author: The Crime 24

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