The only road from Chuknagar city to Chuknagar Dalit Hospital is in dilapidated condition, as if the guardian is empty

Md. Shahidul Islam, Khulna District

The only road from Chuknagar town of Khulna Dumuria upazila to Chuknagar Dalit Hospital is in dilapidated condition. The Chuknagar Dalit Hospital runs on the south side of the Khulna-Satkhira highway. This road is the road from Chuknagar city to Chuknagar Dalir Hospital and Chuknagar 71 genocide slaughterhouse. People from 5 villages come and go to Chuknagar town through this road. Everyone uses the road as a very important road to fetch crops, paddy, vegetables and fish from the farmers’ fields, including their sons and daughters going to school. This important road is now being used by all vehicles, including the van Easybike Motorcycle Karimon, during the lockdown. They cross the road in front of the Chuknagar Dalit Hospital and in front of the Chuknagar 71 Genocide Massacre.

The road has been repaired for a long time and bricks have been piled up in many parts of the road, creating potholes.
Even if this situation arises, there is no one to look into the matter
According to local sources, Chuknagar Sadar of Atalia Union of Dumuria Upazila. This road is located in the ward.

Local businessmen Murubbi Abul Hossain of Chuknagar Paschimpara, Anwar Marol, Tipu Sultan Ghazi, Abdus Salam Ghazi, Nazrul Ghazi, Nur Ali Sardar, Ruhol Sardar, Shiraz Sardar, Abdul Khaleq Sardar, Shahabuddin Sardar, Arsad Ali Sardar, Monirzel, Monir Sheikh, said
The road has been in a dilapidated condition for a long time and it has become extremely risky for the public to travel. The road has attracted the attention of the concerned higher authorities for immediate repairs.

Asked about this, Dumuria Upazila Engineer Bidyut Kumar Das said, “I know the road is at risk. I will try to take action by showing the road very soon.”
No. 5 Union Parishad Chairman Adv: Pratap Kumar Roy. He said that steps will be taken to repair the dilapidated road to alleviate the suffering of the people.
Habibur Rahman Hobi, a member of Sadar Odd in Chuknag, said the road would be repaired soon.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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