The miserable life-story of a villager in Shayestaganj under severe lockdown

Send Liton, Sylhet Representative

They don’t have a house of their own, they have a house made of straw and tin or thatched fence. The cries of hungry children are a daily occurrence. There is a great lack of public awareness here.

I was saying that there are not so many regular life stories of the villagers of Abdullahpur adjacent to Sutang Bazar in Nurpur Union of Shayestaganj Upazila.

It is known that before independence, some families came from Astagram in Brahmanbaria district and started living near Sutang Bazar. Later, after 1971, a few more people moved here to earn a living. Gradually, the number of their families and people increased and now there are about 23 families living here. Most of the men in these families make a living by carrying sacks of paddy and rice on their heads in their cars. Some sell tea, some Jhalamuri and some work for a private company.

Shirin Akhter, wife of Abdul Qayyum of the area, said that they have been living a very difficult life for the past two months. One of the two girls with disabilities has been receiving disability allowance for the last few years but he cannot open his tea shop in this lockdown. Shirin Akhter and her husband make a living by selling tea at Sutang Bazaar. Sufia Begum is in dire straits due to the lockdown.

Widow does not get allowance. She has 3 sons and one daughter. Her son Anwar used to work and run the family but she has become unemployed in Karona. Sharifa Begum said she has two sons and two daughters. Sujan, the youngest son, used to work in a hotel but he doesn’t go to work as there are no sales at the hotel due to the lockdown. But I can’t get treatment due to lack of money. Where I can’t get three meals a day, the treatment is only for the luxury girl.

In this way, the whole Abdullapur neighborhood is a story of despair. Every family in the village is deprived of food, clothing, shelter and medical care. They are deprived of a small space in a tin fence, but they have to pay Rs. 400 per month for rent as well as electricity bill.

MA Mamun Ahmed, a rice trader in Sutang Bazar, said that they are in a lot of trouble due to the lockdown. And since the import and export of paddy has been low for a few months, those who used to work in sacks in Abdullahpur are no longer working, so they are struggling to make ends meet. I request them to help the government.

Abubakar Siddique, a UP member from Surabai village in Nurpur Union, said, “I try to help them on Eid-ul-Fitr.”

I have helped them but I could not help them this Eid-ul-Azha as my allocation is limited. Mukhlish Mia said, “I have been helping them every time. The allocation of the Union Parishad has to be distributed to the whole union. This time they may have been left out. Later, they will be assisted on priority basis.” Minhazul Islam said that a lot of rice with cash has been allocated in Nurpur Union till Eid. I am looking into the matter and they will be assisted soon.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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