The dilapidated condition of Trishal Kuragachha Road in Mymensingh

Mymensingh Correspondent:

About 4,000 to 5,000 people of Kuragachha village in Ward 7 of Modbari Union in Trishal upazila of Mymensingh have been suffering for the last few years.

The people of Ward No. 6 are suffering the most. When it rains a little, the roads become so muddy that it is difficult to travel on these roads, it is difficult to walk on them. Some of the dilapidated roads in Kuragachha village, which are used by thousands of people every day, have not been repaired for a long time and now it is completely unusable.

Due to this the farmers are not able to take their grains, paddy, vegetables to the market. Talking to several people in the village about this, they expressed their indignation.

They said that no steps have been taken to repair the road for a long time. As a result of all this, they expressed frustration as the people’s representatives did not have any eyebrows.

Abdul Quddus Mandal, chairman of Modbari Union Parishad, said preparations are underway to build the road, which will be between June and July, God willing.

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Author: The Crime 24

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