The damage caused by cyclone Yas in Rampal is about 6 crore

Abu Hanif, Bagerhat

The people who are struggling with the floating river and living in crisis are the residents of Rampal and Mongla upazilas. Storms come, tides come, but life cuts through their dreamless sun. The Sundarbans is a mangrove by the grace of the great Rabbul Alamin who has relentlessly protected our mother from various cyclones of the past including Sidr, Aila, Nargis, Fanny Bulbul, Ampan and Yas. Survive the Sundarbans. Let the salt water of our lowlands dare. Houses, ponds, shrimp farms, tube wells, hospitals, roads, chickens and sanitary toilets have been submerged due to the tidal wave of Cyclone Yas in Rampal, Bagerhat.

According to the various departments of the upazila, a total of ten unions have been affected by the cyclone. Due to the fact that most of the people of Rampal are dependent on fish farming, the fishery sector has suffered the most. Sheikh Asadullah, senior fisheries officer of the upazila, said 26,601 fishing grounds in ten unions of the upazila have been submerged by the tidal wave. The amount of loss of 1444.6 hectare fisheries is about 5 crore 24 lakh 33 thousand taka.

Besides, according to the estimates of other departments, the number of different losses, Upazila Project Implementation Officer Md. Matiur Rahman said, 4,745 families have been affected. , 2 completely damaged houses, 33 partial damage, livestock officer agronomist Md. Zahidur Rahman said, some of the chickens have lost 50/60 thousand rupees. Damaged schools 02, deep tube wells partially 15, shallow tube wells partially 06, sanitary toilets partially damaged 1,500 and partial 01 hospital. Golzar Hossain, Upazila Engineer, said that due to the increase in the tidal wave in the cyclone Yas, strong winds have caused partial damage to 04 roads in four unions of the upazila.

Gilatala Shiki Kaliganj Road of Banshtali Union, 6 km road has been partially damaged 2 km. The 2250-meter road from Nalbunia to Baburbari in Hurka Union was partially damaged by 1,200 meters, the 13-kilometer road from Bhaga to Kapashdanga was partially damaged by 02 kilometers and the 03-kilometer road from Sakurhat in Baintala to Alipur was partially damaged.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Kabir Hossain said, “We have no hand in the disaster but we are making every person aware.” In addition, we will continue to make people aware of the need to provide safe haven so that disaster damage can be reduced.

In addition, I will ensure that everyone receives proper government assistance in the aftermath of a disaster, and we will ensure that the amount of relief that comes in accordance with government regulations is distributed among the people affected by the disaster. Upazila administration is and will always be by the side of the people.

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