The current Copa America is in Brazil

Sports Correspondent:

South America’s fight for supremacy The Copa America will be held in Brazil, Argentina’s arch-rivals.

The rest of the current Copa America is just a few days away. But before that came the new news that the Copa America battle for supremacy in South America was supposed to take place in Argentina, but due to the current Corona situation, the current champion wants to move from Argentina to Brazil.

Earlier, the current Copa America was scheduled to take place in mid-2020. However, due to the outbreak of the corona virus, it was scheduled to be held jointly by Argentina and Colombia in June this year, but due to the current Corona situation, Argentina wanted to hold the event alone without Colombia.

However, Messi and Aguero will have to play on the field of Brazil as the guest team in the hands of Corona. The current Copa America will open on June 13 with a match between Argentina and Chile.

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