The controversial OC was transferred to Sunamganj

Sunamganj Correspondent:

Controversial Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Sunamganj Mohammad Nazir Alam has finally been transferred from Doarabazar.

On Tuesday, June 1, Additional IG of Bangladesh Police Headquarters Dr. Md. Moinur Rahman Chowdhury was transferred in an order signed by BPM Bar (A&O).

At the same time the order was immediately executed and attached to the Industrial Police.

A copy of the order was also sent to the Sunamganj Superintendent of Police along with other responsible police departments.

Earlier, he joined as the OC of the police station on August 23, 2020.

Since joining, he has been involved in smuggling of cattle including cattle, trade of goods, taking advantage of unauthorized extraction of mineral sand and stones from the border river, reselling foreign liquor by Danan SI of the police station during his tenure, released without arrest warrant.

Journalist Enamul Kabir Munna published news about his arrest, harassment, misbehavior with innocent consumers when he went to the police station, his bribery, corruption, irregularities, lawsuits and trade.

During his tenure, law and order in the police station area deteriorated due to various criminal activities including rape and smuggling.

When these allegations were made during the tenure of the police headquarters and a secret investigation was carried out against him, various misdeeds of the OC came up in the investigation.

In the last few days, the OC himself had organized a human chain on his behalf with the help of his nurtured people and published news in some online and local papers to pretend to be a humanitarian with the so-called paid journalists.

A video of her went viral a few days ago.

The OC forbade the journalist to come to the police station when he went to collect information about Yaba and the accused in the case. After that, other officers of the police station, a member of the police and an alleged Awami League leader, slammed the journalist.

The victim journalist immediately informed the Sunamganj Superintendent of Police but did not get any remedy and later lodged a complaint with the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

When asked on Tuesday night, Inspector General of Police (OC) Mohammad Nazir Alam admitted that he had received a transfer order.

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Author: The Crime 24

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