The child born of rape in Manohardi is not recognized by the father even after eight months

Staff Reporter:

Fahima, 18, daughter of Abul Hossain of Hafizpur village in Chalakchar union of Manohardi upazila of Narsingdi district, raped a physically challenged man, son of Bachchu Mia, Al-Amin, 16, and Naeem, 19, son of Ratan Mia. According to the incident, in February 2020, Fahima (18), a disabled girl, used to go to the field with a goat to feed on grass.

After seeing Md. Alamin (18) Fahima alone in the distance, Raihan Mia forcibly raped the disabled girl next to the chicken farm. (16) Seeing that, he raped her again. Two boys confessed to raping Dhara on the same day
The girl is physically handicapped.

About three months later, when her mother asked her to see the physical changes of the disabled girl Fahima (18), she gave details of the whole incident.

Family members of the raped disabled girl, Fahima, demanded justice from the people’s representatives in the area, but the family members did not get justice near Karo as they were helpless and poor. Even after going to Manohardi police station, no complaint was taken from the victims.

Family members of Fahima, 18, who was raped in September 2020, have been kidnapped by Kazi Shariful Islam Shakil, general secretary of the Manohardi Press Club, and their daughter has been raped for six months.

Journalist Shakil, Officer-in-Charge of Manohardi Police Station, DOT Officer, Additional Superintendent of Police (Circle) spoke, sent the family of disabled Fahima to the police station and raped Fahima’s brother, Delwar Hossain (25) as plaintiff, Md Alamin (16) and Naeem (19) filed a case in the name of two sons. And at Manohardi police station, the police arrested the two accused and sent them to court.

Both Alamin, 16 and Naeem, 19, pleaded guilty to rape. And both were sent to prison. The caesarean section was scheduled for late November 2020 of the same year and the family of the girl was unable to perform the operation due to lack of money.

Upon learning of this, journalist Shakil delivered the girl through a caesarean section at Manohardi Central Hospital at his own expense and a daughter was born to the raped physically challenged person.

The accused rapists, Alamin, 16, and Naeem, 19, were later taken to a forensic DNA laboratory for DNA testing, along with their daughter Fahima, 16, who was raped, and her newborn baby.

Ab Bangladesh Police, sent to Dhaka. And the DNA test proved conclusively that the first rapist and accused, Alamin (16), was the biological father of Fahima’s (16) unborn newborn daughter.

And accused Alamin (16) was found guilty.

Later, Alamin (16) changed the age of Alamin’s birth certificate from the local Union Parishad to 10 years. Where Alamin (18) younger sister Sharmin is 12 years old.

She is a 6th class student of Hafizpur High School. Alamin and Naeem, both accused in the rape case, are currently out on bail.
Alamin (16) was granted bail by the court as a minor with a birth registration made at the age of ten by changing the age through forgery.

Asked about this, the father of the physically challenged Fahima (18) said, “We did not go to anyone and get proper justice because we are poor.” I am seeking the intervention of the administration and law enforcement through the media personnel.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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