Teaching and withdrawal of pension on fake certificates: Complaint of the Secretary against the principal and the president

Monohardi Correspondent:

A madrasa teacher in Manohardi upazila of Narsingdi district has been accused of withdrawing his job and pension with a fake certificate. He is also accused of illegally collaborating with the head of the madrasa and the president of the governing body.

On May 8, Kazi Shariful Islam Shakil, editor of the online news portal VoiceBD24.com, filed two identical complaints with the member secretaries of the Retirement Benefit Board and Teacher Employees Welfare Trust, two departments under the Ministry of Education. It is alleged that Syed Ashraful Islam, a retired teacher of Bangla Department of KU Senior Madrasa in Lakhpur, illegally collaborated with Nazrul Islam, a teacher and principal in a fake undergraduate and postgraduate certificate, and Abdur Rauf Hiran, chairman of Chandanbari Union Parishad.

According to the chargesheet, Syed Ashraful Islam, Lecturer, Bangla Department, Lakhpur KU Senior (Fazil) Madrasa is a person who has passed HSC. His BA Honors and MA certificates are fake. He has illegally withdrawn money from retirement benefits and welfare trusts. He withdrew the application No. 729296535 of 29/08/2019 Eng Welfare Trust, received money – 973,57 / – and 29/08/2019 Eng Retirement Benefit Application No. 903927069, received money – 22,36,48 / -. His 1st MPO is 08/10/197 and his index number is 05605.

The chargesheet further said that when the investigation into the fake certificate was started in 2016, he admitted it to the then Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shahid Ullah and me as fake and submitted the admission card instead of the MA pass certificate (copy attached). Nazrul Islam, the principal of the organization and general secretary of the central committee of the Swadhinata Madrasa Teachers’ Council, who is a member of the Retirement Welfare Board, and another president of the managing committee of the madrasa and chairman of the Chandanbari Union Parishad, Adur Rauf Hiran, assisted him. Teacher Ashraf has also openly admitted the issues of this fraud.

When Principal Nazrul Islam was called to inquire about the allegations, another received a reply and said that he could not be reached for comment.

On the other hand, Abdur Rauf Hiron, president of the managing committee and chairman of Chandanbari Union Parishad, said about the allegations. I know that even though he did not have a certificate, I had to sign under the pressure of the freedom fighters of the area. And it is not my responsibility to look at the certificate, it has been audited for so many years, why they did not catch it and the freedom fighters have to leave for humanitarian reasons. ‘

However, the accused teacher Syed Ashraful Islam said, ‘The allegation against me is not correct. My certificate and appointment letter are valid. I graduated from Jahangirnagar University. I wanted to do a masters from Dhaka University but I couldn’t. ‘

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Author: The Crime 24

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