TCB agent in Thakurgaon fined with imprisonment

Thakurgaon Correspondent:

Thakurgaon Correspondent: A mobile court has fined Trader Corporation of Bangladesh-TCB district agent Zafar Hossain Tk 200, including three months’ imprisonment, for selling various products to 18 people in Thakurgaon in violation of the law.

The judge handed down the sentence to Executive Magistrate Abdul Qayyum while he was selling the goods in a mobile truck in front of Government Boys High School in the city on Thursday evening. He said the convict was selling TCB products in the name of 18 people to one person in violation of government directives and laws. But the convicted agent failed to show them any list and confessed to his crime.

Besides, numerous buyers and consumers present at the time further complained that the accused agent was not compulsorily selling / supplying any other necessary product to each buyer except 10/15 kg of onion. Many buyers and consumers are returning empty handed and are being harassed.

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Author: The Crime 24

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