Supreme Court lawyer Mostafa Kamal, who is hoping to be nominated for the Binnabaid Union Parishad

Sraff Correspondent:

Binnabaid union of Belabo upazila of Narsingdi district is a neglected union. Although all the other unions of this upazila have been affected by the development, the overall development of this government has not been noticeable.

Due to the reluctance of the current chairman, the development of this union did not feel much. The election of the Union Parishad in front is almost knocking on the door. Many candidates are campaigning for this election.

Among them, Advocate Mostafa Kamal, the youngest son of the late Abdul Gafur Sarkar, seeks the prayers and cooperation of all with the conviction of serving the people of Binnabaid Union. He was born in Lohajuri Kanda village. He is a lawyer of Bangladesh Supreme Court by profession. Mostafa Kamal’s name has been heard among the people of Binnabaid Union for some time now.

He is an active member of Bangabandhu Awami Bar Council. He has been by the side of the poor and miserable people in this area for the last few years. He has repaired several road ghats with his own funds.

When contacted, he said, “I will continue to work till death to strengthen the hand of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as a devoted worker of Awami League inspired by the ideals of Bangabandhu. I want to put a smile on the face of poor and miserable people in my area. Hasina will hand over the nomination of the boat to me in the next election.

“If I get a boat, I will try to make Binnabaid Union a model union of the upazila,” he added. For this, this chairman candidate wants everyone’s cooperation and prayers. So he asked for blessings from the people of Binnabaid Union at all levels and said I want to serve you from your side till death. Talking to the common people of the area, he is known to be an honest and ideal man, which he has already proved through his work. The development of this neglected union is inevitable if he gets the nomination of the boat.

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