Shafiqul Islam Bhairab, who identified the alleged source in Tahirpur, smuggled goods across the border.

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The story of religion without listening to the thief, if the thief steals, the members of the law enforcement forces arrest him and send him to jail, but the tendency has been noticed to get out of the jail and return to his previous character. On the other hand, some thieves are carrying on the business of Bongar goods by deceiving or managing the members of the border forces, either by manipulating the eyes of the law enforcement agencies or by managing them. The story of such a smuggling is constantly happening in the foothills of the bordering Meghalaya, along with the smuggled Indian coal smuggled from India across the border, as well as the deadly tablets like alcohol, gauze, heroin and yaba. Located at the foot of the hill, the magical infinite green land of Tahirpur Ghesha upazila, said to be the source of the so-called BGB source. Shafiqul Islam Bhairab, Md. Led by Khokon Mia and Shahidullah, they are the masterminds of this smuggling ring.

The smugglers smuggled millions of rupees in revenue from India every night and smuggled foreign liquor, cannabis, heroin and yaba into India through their smuggling syndicate and sold them in various upazilas of Sunamganj district as well as outside the country. Even if the throat becomes swollen, there is no one to see. According to local sources, Shafiqul Islam Bhairab, 36, is the son of late Maqbul Hossain of Charagaon (Sansarpar) village in Uttar Sreepur Union No. 1 of Tahirpur Upazila. He has been forging alliances with law enforcement agencies in the border areas for a long time and is smuggling smuggled coal and shipments of yaba and heroin from India every night. Another smuggler said. Khokon Mia. He also said the village of Lalghat bunch of the same union. Lal Hossain’s son and Shahidullah is a resident of Lalghat. Because their homes are in the border area, these illegal businesses continue to hold local innocent people hostage and intimidate them. No one dares to open their mouths for fear of them. As a result of this illegal business, the youth of the area are also endangered by drug addiction. Newspapers have repeatedly reported that the source-identified people are extorting money from the smuggled coal anonymously, with the BGB regularly patrolling and seizing the smuggled goods, but often the smugglers and the alleged source-identified Shafiqul, Khokon and others are out of reach. Their associates including Shahidullah. Due to which the power of smugglers and sources is known to increase day by day.

According to the locals, Charagaon border of the upazila is known as the smuggling base of the upazila border. Millions of rupees worth of stolen coal, foreign liquor, cannabis, heroin and death-dealing tablets like yaba are coming from India every night through various places on this border. Khokon, son of Lal Hossain of Lalghat village in Sreepur North Union, Harun, son of Alinur Miah of the same village, Shahidul, son of late Abdul Mutalib Miah, Ramzan, son of Kala Fakir and Quddus Miah, son of late Abdul Helim Miah of Banshtala village of the same area are spending the night. Every morning, with more than 50 workers, they extract coal from the Indian border, store it in the jungle next to the barbed wire fence near the Bangladesh border, cross the border at night and in the evening. Including sending to different places in the country. Shafiqul Islam alias (Bhairab), son of late Maqbool Hossain of Charagaon (Sansar Par) village in Sreepur Uttar Union of the upazila, had to pay Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 to smuggle the smuggled coal.

According to several locals, stolen coal is being smuggled every night. Shafiqul Islam (Bhairab) is taking money from BGB and district upazila journalists.

Asked about this to Khokon Miah, son of Lal Hossain of Lalghat village in Sreepur North Union of Smuggling Gang Leader Upazila, he said, “We took the opportunity to bring coal from India and paid Shafiqul Islam Bhairab for it.”
Asked how much he pays and who he takes money from, he avoided saying, “He told a lot of people, we don’t want to know so much.”

However, when asked about this on his mobile phone with Shafiqul Islam alias (Bhairab), he denied it, saying, “Once I used to work as a source for BGB and journalists, now I don’t. Now, like before, goods are not smuggled, but sometimes they are unloaded without the BGB’s knowledge.

Charagaon BGB camp camp commander said. Saiful Islam said the smugglers Shafiqul Islam Bhairab and his associates have been working on the border all the time. If they find out, they will take strict action against them. This number belongs to him (0179613126).

In this regard, Sunamganj Battalion 26 BGB Commander Taslim Ehsan PSC said, “If there is smuggling at the border, specific information will be given and those involved will be brought under the law.”

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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