RMP police in the fight to keep people in the lockdown.

Rajshahi Correspondent:

Rajshahi is going to the city of Rajshahi in Rajshahi city to prevent the infection of the Coronaviras. But people are coming out on the streets in various excuses. Police have started war in their homes.

In addition to Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP), members of the Range Reserve Force (RRF) are also serving. Besides, RAB members are in the field. On the second day of Lockdown, on Saturday morning, in the city’s train, Lakshmipur, Sahibbazar, Shirel, Bhadmar Bazar, Shirel, Bhadra Bend, Talaimari, Kajla, Binodpur, were seen in different areas, police members are doing duties.

If someone is getting interrogated in the street. Two rickshaw-auto-rickshaws are being stopped. Rickshaw-auto-rickshaw wheels somewhere in the crime of lockdown is seen to leave the air. As a result, there is no traffic in the city. So many people were seen to go to their destination.

In the city’s Amuche, Kashiadanga, Talaimari and Katkhali area of the city’s entrance, police took position in the streets, but in the city, many people are going out of the city. But they have to be suffering from vehicles in traffic crisis.

Meanwhile, mobile courts of the district administration are also in the field to implement the lockdown. When the streets go out on the street, there is quality of quality in the mobile court. Nevertheless, people are coming out in the streets.

However, all other shops without emergency products and services are closed. TCB trucks are also opened for poor people in the lockdown, locked. Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP) spokesman Golam Ruhul Kuddus said that in Rajshahi, a separate lockdown was given to Rajshahi under the control of Karonaviras. It must be understood Rajshahi. We are trying to keep people home home. There is a fight for this.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Overall) Muhammad Shariful Haque said that the administration of the implementation of all-round lockdowns is also working hard. The Mobile Court of the District Administration is in the field. Legal action is being taken against him if someone disobeys lockdown instructions.

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