Reception by joining Brajesh Chowdhury as AMD of Sunamganj Diamond Life Insurance.

Sunamganj Correspondent:

Newly appointed Brajesh Ranjan Chowdhury has been given a reception, monthly development meeting and checks have been distributed on the occasion of joining Diamond Life Insurance Company Limited Sunamganj Servicing Cell Divisional Head (AMD) (Development).

Ashok Talukder, Sunamganj Region President of Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist and Christian Welfare Front, spoke as the chief guest in the hall of the Sunamganj Servicing Cell Office at Ukilpara on Tuesday afternoon under the chairmanship of Sadeka Begum and conducted by Rasheda Begum.

The newly appointed Divisional AMD (Development) of the guest company Brajesh Ranjan Chowdhury was present at the meeting. The special guest speakers were Jahanara Begum, Mina Rani Pal, Agency Manager of Koi Dirai Office Branch, Ali Azgar in the overall management, Pushpa Begum, Khojeda Begum and Rumman Ahmed among the branch managers.

AMD Brajesh Ranjan Chowdhury said the NGO Diamond Life Insurance Company has been working tirelessly for the welfare of the poor and helpless people as a partner in all development activities of the government across the country. He honestly pledged to provide services to the helpless and poor people of Sunamganj. At the end, the company distributed financial aid checks among three women.

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