Protest against published news

Protest against published news

Western Railway Finance Adviser and Chief Accounting Officer (FA & CO) Jamshed Minhaj Rahman has protested against the personal attack on the news by the Rajshahi District Representative of the daily Jugantar.

On 22/01/2021, a news item was published in the Western Railway under the headline “Irregularity of the Chief Accounting Officer” stating that I have transferred 10 officers and employees of the Railways and I stay in the office till 3 pm, smoke and stay in Canada. When I was fired, I came back and filed a case in the administrative tribunal and joined the job with the verdict of the case in my favor.

I am protesting against the published news and also mentioning that at first the journalist of the Jugantar newspaper demanded money from me and said that if I don’t pay, he will do the opposite news against me.

It is mentioned in the published news. I have transferred 10 people, I have the power to transfer in the public interest and for administrative needs. Or have I brought the verdict of the case in my favor, is it possible? Isn’t talking like that insulting the court and law of Bangladesh? I work in the office until 3 o’clock at night, is it even possible. Then I smoke or not, these are not personal attacks?

Finally, I would like to say that I strongly condemn and protest against the published news.

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