Professor Touhidur Rahman is cultivating dragon fruit in Satkhira’s Tala Upazila in the hope of making more profit commercially.

Md. Shahidul Islam, Khulna:

Professor Touhidur Rahman of Faleya Chandkati village of Magura union in Tala upazila of Satkhira has started commercial dragon farming. As Bangladesh is a major agricultural country, about 75% of the people are engaged in agricultural work. With this in mind, this educated young man became an entrepreneur and started cultivating dragons.

It can be seen on the spot that Touhidur Rahman, Professor of Political Science, Khulna Sundarbans Government College, has started cultivating dragon fruit with 8 bighas of land on the side of Magura Road in Tala Upazila. He has appointed two caretakers on a full-time monthly salary. Many trees are now beginning to bear fruit. There are a total of 12 hundred pillars in the land. Each pillar is 10 feet long line to line and seven and a half feet wide.

At present there are 4 trees on each pole. After 3 years, each pillar will have 80 to 100 pulses. At that time, he hoped that more than Rs 4 lakh worth of dragons would be sold in every bigha of land. . This tree starts to bear fruit when it is basically 9 months old.

I planted saplings in October 2020. The tree has been producing since June 2021. I have cultivated dragon in 8 bighas of land. I hope to be able to sell fruits worth more than Rs 5 lakh in the first year. Once the dragon tree is cultivated, its fruits last for 20 to 40 years.

The tree can produce up to 30 branches a year. As long as it lasts, its yield continues to increase. Basically this fruit is sold in 3 categories. A great fruit is sold at 400 taka per kg, B grade at. 250 and C grade at 160 to 180taka. So far more than 25 lakh rupees has been spent.

After two years, the face of profit will be seen. He further said that many people are taking saplings from me as this crop is economically profitable. Each sapling is being sold at 60 taka to 80 taka. Dragon fruit basically enhances immunity to various diseases. Very useful fruit especially for diabetics, cancer, gas.

Many unemployed people in our country can become entrepreneurs themselves and cultivate dragon fruit. On the one hand, this will eliminate unemployment, as well as a large amount of money and will be able to earn. However, if the government provides loans for dragon farming, then the unemployed youth will be more interested in this profession.

Horticulturists say that dragon is a nutritious fruit. As a result, there is a greater resistance to disease. This fruit is cultivated in several places of Magura. Many people are interested in cultivating this fruit as it is more profitable at low cost.

The cultivation of this fruit has already increased in the upazila. It takes a little more organic fertilizer to cultivate this fruit. Chemical fertilizer takes less. So more profit can be made. We are giving proper advice to the farmers to cultivate dragon fruit on behalf of horticulture. Tala Upazila Agriculture Officer Hazira Khatun said, this is the first commercial dragon cultivation in Tala Upazila. I went to visit the Dragon Fruit Garden. The quality of the crop is very good. It is a high quality fruit which is very beneficial for the human body especially for diabetics.

Although there are many expenses, farmers will benefit a lot if they cultivate dragon. If the farmers of Tala Upazila go ahead with the cultivation of dragon fruit on their own initiative, the cultivation of this fruit will increase in this area. Especially the problem of unemployment will be solved. Tala Upazila Agriculture Office is always by the side of the farmers and will be by the side of the farmers at all times in all cooperation.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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