Press conference of Bhairab consumers to increase the price of cheap cigarettes.

Ariful Islam Mamun, Kishoreganj:

A press conference has been held in Bhairab demanding the consumers to increase the price of cheap cigarettes. Speaking at a press conference at the office of Bhairab Television Journalists Association organized by B-Baria Region on Thursday afternoon, Bidi Consumer B-Baria Region President Md. Masud Mia and General Secretary Harun Mia said, Not to do.

He demanded the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Chairman of the Board of Revenue to fix the price of 10 packs of cigarettes at least Tk 50 and to stop the trade of all counterfeit bidis. If they do not accept their demands, they warn of a severe movement later.

At the press conference, they also said that the helpless / abandoned husbands of the haor area, the crippled workers are living a dehumanized life without being affected by the corona and lack of work. Therefore, for the protection of the bidi industry and for the convenience of bidi consumers, he strongly demanded an increase in the low tariff on cigarettes in the budget of 2021-2022. Other leaders and workers of the organization were present at the time.

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Author: The Crime 24

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