Poor and helpless people working in misery due to the lockdown in Abhaynagar

Aminur Rahman, Jessore District

The day laborers and helpless destitute people of Nawapara, an industrial and commercial city of Abhaynagar upazila of Jessore, are now in misery.

On the one hand there is a nationwide lockdown and on the other hand there is the terror of the Corona epidemic. A half-aged rickshaw puller said, “We eat every day, whether we bring it or not.”

If the rickshaw can’t get out on the road, what will we eat? Easybike driver Sobhan said many people have bought these bikes in installments. Now if we can’t earn, how will we pay the installment and provide food for the stomach? Sahajan, a disabled tea shopkeeper, explained his mental anguish in tears and said, “My family is dependent on the tea shop. How can I survive if the shop is closed?” Ghat workers from different districts and upazilas of the country in the industrial and port city of Nawapara said, we work in different ghats of Nawapara of the upazila and rent houses as bachelors. If we can’t work, what will we eat? How do I rent a house? Moreover, in the village house, wives, sons and daughters are asking us when they will send money for development.
During the epidemic, people’s incomes have been reduced, job opportunities have been reduced, restrictions on movement have been imposed and they are in dire straits. On the part of many, even at the individual level and with the help of poor working people, many came forward. Packets of daily necessities, including money and food, were distributed, but now that the wave of corona infections has multiplied, no one is coming forward to help marginalized people, even though the lockdown ban is long.

As a result, they have to go out of the house at risk. There is no guarantee of income, there is no lack of harassment, there is no lack of punishment, there is no work, even if the auto rickshaw gets passengers, there is no end to the problems. Police have to be in danger of being tied up, fined, letting go of the wind. Thus at the end of the day the car is deposited, a small part of the income comes by paying the battery charge. In this situation, there is no end to the efforts of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to deal with the epidemic. In addition to periodic lockdowns, sample testing, treatment has become difficult to handle even with all the strength employed.

The number of victims and deaths is often record-breaking. Although there is a lot more awareness and proper hygiene than before, loose conditions still increase the risk in many cases, especially in rural areas. From the city to the village, the way it is spreading across the border has created fear. In this case, controlling the situation largely depends on the success of the lockdown. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the poorest of the poor stay at home. It is well known that it is not possible without food at home. So the administration has been asked to call 333 in case of food crisis or various problems but the announcement did not reach the general public.

At the marginal level, public representatives, politicians, imams of schools, school teachers, socio-cultural organizations, neighborhood clubs and students are promoting this guarantee of food and money. Therefore, administrative action is very important.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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