People are going to risk dead trees, dying risks on both sides of the road.

Md. Main Uddin, Staff Reporter:

The tree is standing on both sides of Koliarchar of Kishoreganj. If the trees are soft in the rain, then it can be broken in the airplanes. But the pedestrians are risks of dying with these roads day and night. The scene of risky scenes on June 2 afternoon on Wednesday afternoon, go to the tiger area of the six Saloa Union of the upazila and visited the scene on both sides of the road. The big six-year-old Arab Ali, from Chawkbazar, from Chawkbazar, there are more than two hundred dead trees on two side of the road. Die trees have been dried due to long standing in this situation.

Seeing, it seems that if the rain is soft in the rain, it can be broken when a little air can be broken down on pedestrians. It may be casualties. Talking to some pedestrians, it is known that the trees on both sides of the road are died slowly in any unknown disease. Now in the storm and rain, these deadly trees broke down. During this situation, pedestrians, passengers and driving risks are moving through the road and walking through the road.

In addition to this road mentioned, hundreds of trees and other roads, including Dumrakanda Road and Agarpur-bajra road, along with Dumrakanda Road and Agarpur-bajra road and Agarpur-bajra, along with these roads.

There is a lot of dry trees, and in some, woodpecker also lets. Somewhere these deadly trees have been hailed on the road. Afrakers and pedestrians who break the accident at any time in the road.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Sunday Tiger was standing on the road, Chairman candidate Tarek Aziz Khan Iqbal, Human Rights Protection Foundation kuliarchar Upazila Branch President of Kuliarchar Upazila Branch of Chairman Candidate in the Upcoming UP elections from the Pharidpur Union in the Faridpur Union. They demanded stressors to the concerned authorities to secure these dead trees from the road and to secure people’s movement.

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Author: The Crime 24

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