Panchagarh is smiling with sunflowers

Panchagarh is smiling with sunflowers

NA Rabiul Hasan Liton, Panchagarh Correspondent:

Edible oil prices continue to rise. If you want to control the price of oil, you have to make arrangements for alternative oil. One such potential oil is sunflower oil. Sunflowers are smiling all over the field. The yellow flowers in the green field have also become a source of great beauty. Nature lovers are running to take the form of nature.

Boda Upazila Agriculture Officer Md. Al Mamun Aur Rashid has learned that sunflower has been cultivated in about 10 hectares of land in Boda Upazila of Panchagarh this year.

Ranju, a sunflower grower from Nazirpara village in Boda municipality, said he has planted sunflowers on one acre of land. So far there have been no problems in the garden. If the weather is good, I hope I will make a good profit. Monirul Islam, a sunflower grower in Bengharibangram Union, said that sunflower cultivation is a profitable crop. I have planted sunflower on the advice of agriculture officials. They are giving full cooperation and advice. Two farmers of the sunflower garden said that a lot of people come to see the sunflower every day. Many of them are entering the garden and taking pictures. Many people are damaging the flowers in the garden.

BS Saidur Rahman Ranju of Boda Agriculture Office said that farmers are getting more profit at low cost, so this sunflower grower Monirul Islam said that farmers of Boda Upazila are interested in cultivating sunflower flowers. We are always advising the farmers. He hopes to grow sunflower next year.

Meanwhile, people from all walks of life are flocking to the district as the news of sunflower orchards blossoming across the district has spread through social media. Many people are taking pictures in the flower garden. Someone is taking pictures again by washing the flower tree by hand. The garden owners are in trouble. Many people are ruining the flowering plants.

Sunflowers are not only beautiful to look at, but also unique in quality. The climate, water and soil of Bangladesh are suitable for sunflower cultivation. Sunflower seed oil is also good for health. Sunflower oil does not contain as many harmful ingredients as other oilseeds. Especially this oil is free from harmful cholesterol. Therefore, to meet the oil shortage in the country, sunflower cultivation should be taken extensively. Through extensive cultivation, sunflower can one day be exported abroad to meet the country’s shortage of edible oil.

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