One boatman went missing after his boat sank in the magical river at Tahirpur.

Murad Mia, Sunamganj Correspondent:

Sunamganj Tahirpur Upazila magic boat caught in the storm and the boat sank. Harish Mia (24) is missing. He is the son of Nur Islam of Upazila North Baradal Union Baraghof Tiller.

The incident took place on Monday (May 31) at around 8 am in the Jadukata river near Barektila.

According to local sources, Harish Mia was still crossing the Jadukata river from Barek Tila to the area adjacent to the BGB camp at Laudergarh. Despite strong currents in the Jadukata river, Harish and his two companions jumped into the river when a strong wind started blowing into the Jadukata river this morning when three passengers were coming to Barkatila from Laudergarh area. Harish Mia is still missing after everyone was able to reach the river bank in Satara.

Locals in the Jadukata river bank area said that no trace of the missing Harisher has been found yet. However, everyone has started searching. Due to the strong currents in the river, it has become difficult to find him.

Officer-in-charge of Tahirpur Police Station OC Abdul Latif Tarafdar said, “I have heard such an incident.” Police have been dispatched to the spot. The fire service has also been informed.

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Author: The Crime 24

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