On the first, second and third day, there were no traders in Madhabpur.

Liton, Sylhet Bureau Chief

After 14 days of severe lockdown, the lockdown has been relaxed across the country. Madhabpur upazila of Habiganj has returned to its old form on the first day of relaxed lockdown. Shops, shopping malls have opened, crowds of people have increased on the roads, traffic jams have been created on the roads.

Everything seems to be normal. Meanwhile, businesses have been reopened after 14 days of severe lockdown, but many traders are without business today. Many traders of the upazila said that the buyers are in financial crisis this time as compared to last year.

Compared to the previous year, the shops were not as crowded this year. Even if everything is opened in such a situation, thousands of traders are worried. There are only 5 days left for Eid. They are also worried about whether the traders will be able to make up for their losses in these 5 days. Usually there is not much business on Eid-ul-Adha. This year, the condition of the people in the lockdown has completely improved.

On Saturday morning, several places in the municipal town of the upazila were visited and many shops were empty. Most store merchants are having a lazy time. In turn, we talk to many traders and buyers. The traders said, I have opened the shop for the third day today. Absolutely no business. People are coming to the store less. Many traders said buyers were reluctant to shop this time as they were not market-oriented and in a financial crisis. If this is the case then their condition will get worse.

Buyers, meanwhile, say they are in bad shape in the lockdown. To live is a sad responsibility. And the thought of buying clothes is far away. Titu Sarkar, owner of Four-G Collection, said he has sold Tk 4,000 in the last two days. From this money he has eaten lunch including shop rent. The employee’s allowance has to be paid from his own pocket.

Dulal Banik, owner of Dulal Cosmetics, said women are less interested in luxury this time around than last year and due to the severe lockdown. Every year during the Eid season we benefit a lot. But it will not earn even half as much as last year. Islam Mia, a shoe trader in Madhabpur Bazar, said the situation was very bad. I have already understood that there will be no business this Eid. People were on lockdown for 14 days before Eid. Money is not in the hands of people. How people will buy something.

In this regard, Madhabpur Municipality Mayor Habibur Rahman Manik said that after 14 consecutive days of lockdown, the lockdown is relaxed till Eid, so some public gatherings are being observed in Madhabpur Municipal Markets. But with less money in the hands of buyers due to the financial crisis and severe lockdowns, they are not interested in buying anything other than sacrifices this year. However, I think it will be better to trade a little on Eid.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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