NTRCA chairman bid farewell, regretting not being able to give results.

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On the first day of joining, the newly departed chairman of the private teacher registration and certification authority Md. Came to discuss the oral examination of the 18th registration. Ashraf Uddin. After that, he published the third public notice for the recruitment of teachers in the much desired coveted private educational institutions of millions of unemployed youth. Monday (May 24) was his last working day at NTRCA.

Meanwhile, on the day of his departure, this additional secretary of the government regretted that he could not finish the work of the third public announcement. He also said that the publication of public notice was one of the successes of his life. Ashraf Uddin. He is looking forward to joining as the Director General of the Department of Social Services.

Talking to reporters before leaving the workplace on the last day, he said that all the work of the third public notice has been arranged. However, it was not possible to give the result due to the stay order of the court. The regret of not being able to finish the whole work of mass notification is still going on.

Md. Ashraf Uddin said, “It was due to the tireless work of my colleagues that it was possible to publish the public notice so quickly.” They have also come to NTRCA on public holidays for public notification That is why I am grateful to them. Hopefully the work will move forward at a faster pace after the arrival of the new chairman.

“We have tried to get fast results in many ways,” he added. However, we could not do that as there was a stay order of the court. There is nothing to do now but wait until the court orders.

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