Narsingdi municipal election results suspended amid ballot paper snatching, assault on presiding officer and chase

The general election of Narsingdi municipal council was held on Sunday amid ballot paper snatching, assaulting the presiding officer and chasing him. The returning officer also announced the postponement of polling in four centers.

Voting started at 8 am in 40 centers in 9 wards of Narsingdi Municipal Council. Voters cast their ballots in a joyous atmosphere. Each center had a large number of police, RAB, BGP, magistrates and Ansar. The election was held till 4 pm under unprecedented security under the overall supervision of Narsingdi Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police, Returning Officer and District Election Officer. The total number of voters here was 99,454. Among them, the number of female voters is 50,298 and the number of male voters is 49,156. Turning to each center, it was observed that the presence of female voters was higher than that of male voters. Narsingdi city Awami League nominated candidate with boat symbol Md. Amjad Hossain Bachchu, rebel candidate with independent mobile symbol SM Qayyum, former vice-president of Bangladesh Chhatra League and BNP nominated paddy sheaf with Narsingdi District BNP senior joint general secretary Md Harun Ar-Rashid. At 9 a.m., supporters of the boat marker exploded three cocktails at UMC High School Center and snatched 18 ballot papers. At that time, the agent of the mobile symbol assaulted the former BCL leader Jubayer Ahmed from the center and tore his clothes.

Ward 6 councilor candidate Abdullah Al-Mamun Table Lamp and other councilor candidate Md. Ainuddin Khandaker symbolic water bottle while trying to seal the roof of the school, the boat supporters beat them and severely injured them. At that time, Ainuddin Khandaker’s younger brother Michir Ali went to save his brother and beat him with bloody wounds. Later, at the direction of the authorities, the presiding officer of the center, Md. Hannan, stopped the voting of the center. When the boat marker supporters tried to snatch the ballot papers at the Bauyakur Vidyasundari Government Primary School Center at 11 am, the presiding officer in charge of the center Md. Ramzan Ali stopped them and they beat up the presiding officer and snatched the ballot papers. He later stopped voting at the center. Voting was suspended for one hour at Basail Government Primary School at 10:30 am after a chase between boat and mobile symbol activists. Voting ends later. Here boat marker supporters are seen publicly sealing. Later, with the intervention of the administration, this immoral act was stopped. At around 11:30 am, supporters of the boat marker attacked independent candidate SM Qayyum at the Satirpara Government Girls High School. He was later rescued with the help of police.

Besides, SM Qayyum’s father A: Haq Sarkar was beaten and injured by the boat’s supporters at Mir Emdad High School. Voting is closed for 2 hours at this center. When the boat supporters snatched the ballot papers at the Narsingdi Government Women’s College Center at 11:30 am, a chase started between the mobile supporters. Voting is closed for about 1 hour at this center.

Besides, the Returning Officer has postponed the overall results as polling at 4 centers including 3 centers of Bauakur Government Primary School and UMC Adarsh ​​Vidyalaya has been postponed.

Apart from all these incidents, no major untoward incident has taken place in any other center. Voting was peaceful in all the other centers. Besides, voting was held peacefully in Madhabadi municipality. In the Madhabadi municipality election, Mosharraf Hossain Manik has won unofficially with the main boat brand symbol.

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Author: The Crime 24

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