Multiple women gang-raped while visiting Kuliyarchar Bridge: The news went viral on Facebook

Staff Reporter, Md. Main Uddin

The Alhaj Zillur Rahman Bridge over the Kali River on the connecting road between Kuliyarchar in Kishoreganj and Kuliyarchar Manikdi in Bhairab Upazila was inaugurated about two years ago.

Since the inauguration of the bridge, traveling Pipasura has chosen this bridge as a recreation spot. In addition to the special Eids and the two Eids of the year, young people from the area and far and wide come to visit this bridge. Sometimes the overflowing crowd on the bridge is also noticeable.

But who knew the news that multiple women and young women who came to visit had been gang-raped? Even if he knew, no one would say anything. However, a status written on the subject on July 5 two days ago has gone viral on social media Facebook. The status has been posted from the ID of a local journalist named Ali Haider Shaheen. I have highlighted the status below.

“The incidents of gang rape while visiting Kuliyarchar have been giving me a lot of para lately. The Alhaj Zillur Rahman Bridge has been built less than two years ago, during which many girls have been gang raped. And all the victims of these gang rapes come from far and wide.” Kapal). They were not spared from torture, from madrasa teachers, in front of the lord to the lord’s wife to the young girls, to the women journalists.

The most surprising thing is that these incidents of rape take place during the day, from noon to evening, and almost everyone in Culiarchar knows that this is what is happening here. But the reason why no one talks about this issue is also unknown. Last week, two girls were gang-raped while visiting, one of them at Bajitpur and the other at Pakundia. The rape took place inside the boundary of Kuliyarchar Government High School, in the afternoon. The perpetrators are all locals from Kuliyarchar, Tisha bus stand and its vicinity, some of the boys are also from Manikdi village with their help.
According to the villagers, rape is easier for them than drinking a cup of tea. Otherwise, it would not have been so easy to pick up different girls from the bridge at noon and rape them.
And they survive even after these rapes and misdeeds, the main reason is that after the rape, the raped girl and her family do not complain, for fear of respect. Most of them say, “My daughter’s fault has come so far. I am alone here. No one knows why I am coming here to visit. Now I have such a problem when I come to visit. There is no way but to die if I know it at home. And people will know what to do about it. It will be ruined. No one wants to say anything by accepting such fate. ” Even phone numbers, addresses cannot be collected. If such rape had fallen directly in front of me, maybe I would have done something anyway. But to date I have not been able to collect the address of any of their daughters. I can’t do anything for this failure, knowing everything.

Today, for the last 6 months, I have been struggling with the pain of not being able to cover these issues in the form of news due to lack of evidence and lack of allegations of rape. The pain of not being able to speak seems to have taken my breath away lately. It seems that if another girl comes here and rapes me for not telling me, I am also responsible for it. Because even though I knew all this, why I couldn’t write even today, I didn’t make people aware. Maybe they would have been judged if I could have written, but I have informed the issues to a considerable number of people in the area. I have informed the police but these are not being stopped in any way. I thought it was a little off for a few months, now I see it has started again.

Where does it end? If this incident of rape is not stopped, then the rapists are not brought under the maximum punishment. However, I can not feel mentally healthy in any way. Lately I’ve been going crazy thinking about these things. These must be stopped at any cost. How much longer will I remain silent like this for lack of evidence, and how many more people will I see being raped. I am in danger of coming to the profession of journalism, I can’t write anything now without proof. No matter how true the facts. Now it takes proof to write. I used to be good before I came to journalism, then I could hold a pen if I saw irregularities and injustice. I can’t now, I’m stuck with the rules.

I know pretty much everyone knows about these things, so I’ll tell everyone to protest now. Don’t be silent anymore. I think pilot school students in particular know most of these things. You should come forward in protest first.

I urge everyone to come forward so that no more rapes take place while visiting Kuliyarchar. “

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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