Mobile court in Khulna Dumuria fined Tk 6,600.

Md. Shahidul Islam. Khulna District

A mobile court in Chuknagar and Kharnia markets on Thursday afternoon fined 10 traders for opening shops and hotels in Dumuria.
As the situation in Corona deteriorated, the government ordered the closure of businesses. And urges all citizens not to leave their homes. And in case of emergency, when he goes out of the house, he declares that wearing a face mask is compulsory. In this context, Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Md. Moniruzzaman formed a mobile court and conducted a raid in Chuknagar and Kharnia Bazar.
Sections 269 and 1958 of the Infectious Diseases Prevention, Essential Food Control and Eradication Act 180 fined 10 traders Tk 6,600. And ordinary people are asked not to leave their homes.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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