Manjurul Majid Mahmud Sadi, son of the Minister of Industries, stood by Emon like a peddler of humanity in Belabo of Narsingdi.

S I Khan:

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun MP’s worthy son Belabo-Manohardi’s arrogant Manjurul Majid Mahmud Sadi took full responsibility for the treatment of Riyadh Ahmed Emon as a peddler of humanity.

Riyadh Ahmed Emon He is suffering from two serious diseases called ‘rectal prolapsed’ and ‘third degree hemorrhoids’. According to the doctor’s advice, the operation should be done very soon or it will rot. But the operation requires millions of rupees.

Emon lost his father when he was young. As the eldest son of the family, it has become difficult for him to bear the cost of the operation.
It is not possible to bear the helpless mother.

In this situation, Manjurul Majid Mahmud Sadi came to his notice when he was posted on Facebook for help in his treatment. He then took on the responsibility of bearing all the expenses of Emon’s treatment.

In this regard, Manjurul Majid Mahmud Sadi said, “My esteemed father Manohardi and Belabo have been working day and night for the common people. I want to stand by the helpless people of the society irrespective of party or creed. I want to pray for everyone so that I can share in everyone’s happiness and sorrow.

In this regard, Emon’s mother said, “Allah has sent Sadi as an angel to save my son’s life.” I can’t afford to repay this loan. But I pray to God that he may take care of a thousand children like me.

After passing Golden GPA-5 from Riyadh Ahmed Emon Poradia High School to SSC in 2017 and GPA 4.63 HSC from Pachankandi Degree College in 2016, he was admitted in the Department of Zoology at Chittagong University in 2018-19 academic year. Shortly after the 1st year, he contracted two deadly diseases. Emon lost his father when he was only 6 years old and had to read and write in a very tense situation.

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