Krishnacura is spreading fascination in Madhabpur

Liton Pathan, Sylhet Bureau Chief:

Krishnacura is spreading its fascination with the enchantment of fire form in the space of thousands of flowers and green young leaves of different colors. On the way, the inspiration of the art suddenly comes to the eyes of the passer-by and becomes colorful. Surprisingly, everyone is enjoying the beauty, such a beautiful Krishnacura is wrapped in the magic of flowers in front of the Madhabpur Upazila Administrative Office.

Burning in the hot sun, the message of her beauty is shining on the canvas of the blue sky in nature. It is like a magical canvas of red color in dark red color.

Madhabpur Upazila Administration, Gas Field, Kachari, Purbamadhabpur, Madhabpur Thana and other small and large Krishnacura trees scattered in remote areas are shining their light. He is also looking at the trees in front of different academic buildings.

Greenish green thin leaves. Red red-crowned flowers in the gaps. Its gap melted and birds flew. When the branches sway in the light air, the mind sways. Attracts red, orange, yellow flowers and bright green leaves. The falling petals of Krishnacura have created a reddish flower bed on the green grass. As soon as you see it, your eyes are covered.

‘The fire of Krishnacura is burning in the color of the lover’s mind, knowing that it will burn, the arrogance of the insect is on fire.’ The heart of nature lovers is burning in the fire of the form of Krishnacura.

Those burnt hearts want to burn more in such a fire. ‘The two of us will walk on the path of Krishnacura Jhara together, holding hands with happiness.’ The trees are full of flowers. But the lover fails to fulfill the heart’s desire.

Akhter Hossain, a lecturer at Mantala Shahjalal University, said, “A handful of relief in the sweaty summer afternoon in the shade of the red black peak. But when I see the pictures of the beautiful Krishnacura on Facebook, my mind wanders.

Madhabpur Press Club Secretary Sabbir Hasan said, “It is being decorated in every season. But her beauty has faded a lot. The heart-warming color of this flower is truly captivating. The red color takes away the heart.

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