Krishna, a barber identified as a big businessman on a mobile phone, was raped and killed by Khodeja-PBI

Mir Dinar Hossain, Special

PBI, Tangail has revealed the secret of rape and murder of an unidentified young woman within 5 days of the incident of ‘rape and murder of an unknown young woman’ in Bhuapur of Tangail.

On August 3, a vigilante crime team led by Inspector Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman Ansari rushed to the spot to investigate the case.

As the identity of the unidentified girl was not known, the Bhuapur police conducted an autopsy on Khodeja’s body and buried it at the Bhuapur Chabbisha cemetery.

Later on 05/06/2021, PBI Tangail identified the unidentified body and contacted Khodeja’s family. Khodeja’s father-Md. Khokon Mandal, Sang-Joynagar, Thana-Gopalpur, District-Tangail, after seeing the pictures and clothes of the body, said that the body belonged to his daughter Khodeja Khatun. The father of the deceased Khodeja (19) said that his grandmother went missing on the way back home on 02/07/21.

A smart team of PBI Tangail conducted operations in different places of Tangail district and was able to arrest 4 accused involved in the incidents of murder, rape and disappearance. Arrested-1.

Shri Krishna Chandra Das (28), father-deceased Nagen Chandra Das, Sang-Bangalore, UP-Jhawail, Thana-Gopalpur, District-Tangail, 2. Sourav Ahmed alias Hridoy (23), father-Md. Mosharraf Hossain, Sang-Ispinjarpur, UP-Bolibhadra, Thana-Dhanbari, District-Tangail, 3. Md. Mehedi Hasan alias Titu (28), father-Md. Gias Uddin, Sang-Ispingarpur, present Sang-Keramjani, UP-Bolibhadra, Thana-Dhanbari, District-Tangail, 4. Md. Mizanur Rahman (38), father-deceased Mojibur Rahman, Sang-Ispingarpur, UP-Bolibhadra, Thana-Dhanbari, District-Tangail. They confessed to the PBI Tangail that they were involved in the incident of rape, murder and disappearance and gave a detailed account of the incident. According to the accused, Mizan rented a house in Dhanbari police station area and recovered CNG carrying the body for disappearance.

During the interrogation of the arrested accused, it was learned that Krishna was a barber by profession. The 2nd accused Sourav and the 3rd accused Md. Mehedi Hasan became regular customers of Krishna’s salon and they became friends. The 4th accused Mizan is the former acquaintance of the 2nd and 3rd accused. Several days before the incident, Krishna met Khodeja through a mobile miscall.

Then Krishna introduced his name as Sunny Ahmed and he introduced himself to Khodeja as a big businessman. From the source of that identity, Krishna’s love affair with Khodeja developed at one stage of regular conversation on the mobile phone.

As the love affair deepens, Krishna dreams of a prosperous future, including marrying Khodeja. Khodeja in simple faith Krishna falls into the digital trap of false love. At one point, Sunny wants to meet Krishna Khodeja. Krishna tempted Khodeja to meet him and agreed to meet him.

Then Krishna informed his friends Sourav and Md. Mehedi Hasan about the matter. After consulting the three of them, they went to the house of their friend No. 4 accused Mizan on the afternoon of 01/08/2017 with Saurabh’s motorcycle and rented the room of Mizan’s house for 3/4 hours at tk 2000.

Sunny Ahmed asked Krishna Khodeja to meet him at Gopalpur Thana Bridge on 02/08/21. Khodeja went to meet Krishna on 02/08/21 in simple faith. When Khodeja reached Gopalpur Thana Bridge, Krishna and Sourav Khodeja, who were already waiting there, sat in the restaurant.

Talking and having lunch, Saurabh, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, did not go to the restaurant as per the previous plan and fraudulently took Mizan to his rented house in Dhanbari around 2.30 pm. Khodeja understands the matter and asks Krishna named Sunny why he is going to our restaurant here. Krishna tactfully explains to Khodeja that a friend of mine will bring food from the restaurant. While waiting for Saurabh and Mizan outside the house, Krishna forcibly rapes Khodeja against his will. When Khodeja realizes that Krishna is not actually Sunny Ahmed but he is a Hindu, Sunny has adopted the name Sunny to cheat on him. Twisted and killed by suffocation.

The accused later brought a drilling machine from Dhanbari Bazaar to carry out Khodeja’s murder as a suicide and used it to cut the steel door of the room from outside. But accused Mizan does not agree to do this drama. Then Krishna, Sourav and Mizan consulted each other and packed the body. They rented a CNG of A. Khaleq for Rs. Krishna and Sourav were sitting behind the CNG with their bodies packed. They left the body packed on a slope on the west side of the Bhuapur-Tarakandi road in Bir Bharua village under Bhuapur police station and dumped Khodeja’s mobile phone and vanity bag in the Jamuna river before fleeing.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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