Katatar fence on the land of Madrasa in Abhaynagar

Aminur Rahman (Staff Reporter)

It has been alleged that the playground of Nauli Gopinathpur Milni Dakhil Madrasa in Siddhipasha Union of Abhaynagar Upazila of Jessore was surrounded by a barbed wire fence. Not only that, different species of trees have been planted there. Visiting the spot on Thursday morning, August 5, it was seen that Nazrul Sheikh, the son of Rostam Sheikh, had suddenly occupied the playground which had been occupied by the madrasa for almost 20 years.

Extensive discussion of the locals on the issue has caused a storm of criticism. It is learned that Nazrul Islam, son of Rostam Sheikh, bought the land in the present Siddhipasha Mouza No. 399 in 1998 on the basis of Kabla Document No. 4674. Which was in the possession of the madrasa authorities.

The locals have questioned why the land in the grounds of the main madrasa does not belong to the madrasa. Nazrul Islam, the current owner of the land, said that the land in the field of the madrasa is ours. He added that he had promised to donate the land in the name of the madrasa if a member of his family was appointed to a post in the madrasa. However, the madrasa authorities did not speak. Madrasa Superintendent Maulana AH Rashid said the land occupied did not belong to the madrasa. In the land bill of the madrasa.

Fazlulbari Khoka, 65, the eldest son of the late Maulvi Joynal Abedin, the zamindar of the madrasa, said that the land donated by the donor to the madrasa at the time of donating the land was in a few places due to some stains. The president of the managing committee of the madrasa, Farooq Khan, said that there is a lot of problem regarding the land of the madrasa. Will be resolved soon.

Hafizur Rahman, a local member, said the recent recruitment of staff at the madrasa had centered on land grabbing. However, the original owner has taken possession of his land.

Abhaynagar Upazila Education Officer Shahidul Islam said, “I am not aware of any issue related to the occupation of madrasa land.” If anyone complains, action will be taken after verification.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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