Jessore Tuni Shaon murder accused arrested with Golden Firoz-02, arms and ammunition recovered

Mir Dinar Hossain, Special

Special team comprising Jessore District Detective Police and Thana Police Aviraj Sheikh Firoz alias Golden Firoz (21), accused in the notorious Tuni Shaon murder case in Jessore, father-Ali Azim Sheikh, mother-Saira Khatun, Sang-Shankarpur (Golpata Mosque) Area), Thana-Kotwali, District-Jessore and Md. Nobel Hossain (19), father-Md. Babul Hossain, Sang-Shankarpur Battala Mosque, Thana-Kotwali, District-Jessore were arrested and 01 one shooter gun, 01 round was recovered from them. Rifle shots, 2 Burmese knives recovered.

A vigilant DB team led by Inspector Rokibuzzaman and the police jointly conducted an operation at Attiki area under Fakirhat police station in Bagerhat district at around 23.30 pm on 08/08/2021 and arrested the accused.

According to the confession of the arrested Golden Firoz, the DB police led by the officer-in-charge of Kotwali Model Police Station and the police conducted a joint operation in the Shankarpur Terminal area. A one-shooter gun, one round of ammunition and two Burmese knives were recovered from a bamboo fence in the north corner of a Bani’s mother’s pond.

At around 10.30 pm on 22/07/2021, extortionist terrorist Shaon @ Tuni Shaonke was arrested by the youngest son of Abdul Halim Sheikh of Shankarpur Jamaddar Para at the corner of Shankarpur Jamaddarpara Chhotan under Jessore Kotwali Model Police Station. Left.

The on-duty doctor declared the dead dead after rescuing the injured. Abdul Halim Sheikh, the father of the deceased, filed a murder case against 7/8 people in connection with the incident.

Earlier, in collaboration with the district intelligence branch, 06 accused including Yasin Hasan Rana were arrested and according to Yasin Hasan Rana’s confession, the knife used in the murder was seized and the mystery of the case was revealed.

That is why Tuni Shaon was killed

1. Tuni Shawn and his accomplices stabbed Anik alias Anik to death one year ago and seriously injured him.

2. Akash and brother Ronnie are beaten by Tuni Shawn and his accomplices.

3. 14/15 days before the incident centered on the theft at the Shankarpur terminal.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Rokibuzzaman, who is investigating the case, has filed separate cases against Golden Firoz and Nobel.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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