Italy won the Euro by defeating England

Akash Das Sports Correspondent:

Italy, the four-time world champions who have been playing great throughout the tournament, took home the Euro Cup for the second time, beating hosts England 3-2 in a tiebreaker.

England reached the Euro final after playing well at home, while Italy lost to one of Europe’s best teams in a row throughout the tournament. That’s why the heat spread in the final on Sunday from the beginning of the match. Italy were ahead in the final of the current Euros in London, England. However, after the start of the match, a different picture was seen.

In just 2 minutes of the match, English midfielder Shaw made a big mistake in the net of Azzurri. Southgate’s side took the lead at the start of the match by beating the Italian goalkeeper Donaroma after getting the ball extended by Tripier.

After digesting the goal, Italy could not hit the English defense even though they kept almost 60 percent of the ball in the match. As a result, Italy had to go to the break after trailing 1-0 against the hosts.

Defender Baunchi broke England’s defense after returning from the break. In the 67th minute of the match, after getting the ball from the midfielder Barikti, the three Lions goalkeeper Pickford was fooled and the ball was caught in the net to bring Italy back to parity.

After that, if there are no more goals, the final match is played in extra time, but if no team scores a goal, the match is played in tiebreaker.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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