In Panchagarh, the chairman of the district council distributed food among the helpless disabled and the insane

NA Rabiul Hasan Liton, Panchagarh District:

Panchagarh Zilla Parishad Chairman and District Awami League General Secretary Alhaj Md Anwar Sadat Samrat has distributed food among the helpless, mentally unbalanced, disabled and insane due to the second wave of global epidemic coronavirus.

On July 27 (Tuesday), the district council chairman distributed food on his own initiative at various points in Panchagarh city.

A large number of leaders and workers were present at that time. The chairman of the district council was very happy to hand over the food one day. “I’ve always been by the side of helpless people in Corona Kalin, and will be by their side in the future,” he said.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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