In Madhabpur, there is no speed in Eid sales, the traders are disappointed.

Liton Pathan, Sylhet Bureau Chief:

Habiganj’s Madhabpur Corona epidemic for this year’s Eid in front of the desired business is not doing business traders are worried about why only Eid has not been able to do business in any festival since last year

Corona infection was on both the Eids of last year. This time too the Eid season is being cut under restrictions. Besides, two Eids including last year, two Pohela Boishakh Durgotsabs and various Puja Parvans. So the business is also completely closed to traders.

Last year, Eid-ul-Fitr was not a business for the first Baishakh. Even though the shops are open in the hope of selling due to the relaxation of the lockdown, most of the clothing shops in the capital are not selling at all. As a result, the traders are very disappointed.

Traders say that first of all, people’s purchasing power has decreased due to the long-running epidemic and traders across the country have not been able to come to Sadar Upazila to buy goods due to the closure of public transport. That’s why sales are much lower. Meanwhile, many small and medium entrepreneurs will lose their capital and become destitute if they do not do business for two consecutive years.

Many businessmen say that the government needs to provide financial assistance to the affected entrepreneurs so that at least many of them will lose their jobs if they do not get the lost capital.

However, with the relaxation of the lockdown, the hats of different villages of Madhabpur Upazila and the Eid Bazar of Mofasbal have been able to cultivate paddy at home which is a little better than the Madhabpur Bazar.

Turning to the ground, it can be seen that the Eid Bazaar in Mofasbal did not accept the social distance and ignored the hygiene rules. The image of the crowd in the Eid Bazaar has come up.

There is a big arrangement of Eid clothes in Desi Dasha. There were also a handful of buyers. Titu Sarkar, owner of Four-G Collection in Madhabpur Bazar, said, “Shirt pants are not being sold as per women’s demand all day long. Buyers are not able to come from far and wide, especially due to district-based public transport.” Our sales situation is not very good as buyers are not coming from Durant. However, even though it is not sold in Suresh Plaza and Kamini & Sons markets, the clothes that meet the demand are being sold.

Titu Sarkar (2), owner of Arpan Collection in Madhabpur Bazar, said that the amount was being sold at a little more than usual. Employees are less likely to come to Konakata. Farmers are now the main buyers of Eid Bazar as they raise new paddy. Don’t worry in the minds of the people. In the epidemic situation, it has become impossible for various traders of Madhabpur Bazar to run their shops. Many are reorganizing their businesses by borrowing money to cover last year’s business losses. Even though every shop is ready to sell different types of clothes before Eid, due to the increase in corona infection

Their business has started to collapse and as a result their business will be threatened.

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