In Madhabpur, the thirst of the pedestrians is being quenched by the palm shells.

Liton Pathan, Sylhet Bureau Chief:

In the intense heat of Habiganj, the pedestrians are getting thirsty and the thirsty pedestrians are quenching their thirst. Along with fruits, the value of palm shells has also increased. The traders are sitting at the corners and sidewalks of various hat-bazaars of Madhabpur Upazila by arranging posara of this fruit which is delicious and satisfies thirst in extreme heat. Crowds of people of different professions have gathered there. Vendors cut palm shells with sharp edges and take out palm shells. Many of the thirsty buyers are sitting and standing on the side of the road eating this fruit and many are buying it at home as per the demand.

Md. Selim, a local palm seller, is selling palm shells sitting on the side of the road in Madhabpur bus stand area. There are three to four shells or beeches from each palm. Now it is sold at Rs. 8 per piece. The shell or beech of the palm is very tasty and soft like watery soft fruit so everyone big and small is eating this fruit. Razzak Mia, another palm seller, said that the popularity of young palms along with other fruits increases a lot in the month of Jaishya every year, especially when it gets very hot. Sabbir Hasan, general secretary of Madhabpur Press Club, said that the young palms are soft and watery and the fruit is very tasty.

The popularity of palm as a seasonal fruit in rural areas is due to the use of various chemicals and formalin in most seasonal fruits, which have a detrimental effect on the human body. But no chemical is used in the rhythm. So this fruit is as healthy as it is very beneficial for human body.

I am very thirsty after leaving home so I have come to eat palm shells to quench my thirst. He also said that I have to stand for a long time as the demand for palm shells increases in hot weather.

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