In Kuliarchar, a sad mother is in great trouble with her two disabled sons

Md. Main Uddin, Kishoreganj:

A sad mother named Josna Begum (55) is in big trouble with her two disabled sons for 18 years in Kuliarchar of Kishoreganj.

Dukhini Josna Begum is the wife of late Muslim Miah of Uttar Salua village in Salua union of the upazila. Muslim Mia died on November 12, 2020, leaving behind two sons, a daughter and a wife. Among the three children, two sons Shahin Mia (18) and Bayazid Mia (18) have been physically and verbally challenged since birth. And the only daughter Nachima (14) also studied up to 6th grade and fell into poverty and could not study.

According to a Facebook status of a miserable mother living with great difficulty with her two disabled sons, on Saturday afternoon, May 29, she went to the house of the deceased Muslim Mia and found his wife Josna Begum sitting with her daughter Nasima in front of a broken house. As soon as he entered the house, he saw Shaheen and Bayazid lying on a broken stool. They are both brothers. People are just chirping but they can’t say clearly. Seeing them, it seemed that even if mosquitoes and flies were sitting on their bodies, they would not be able to chase them away. If I’m hungry, I can’t say give me rice. They urinate in the bed.

After watching this heartbreaking scene for a while, they talked to their mother Josna Begum. “My Shaheen and Bayazid have been physically and verbally disabled since birth,” he said. Since the death of my husband, I have been living with these two disabled boys and girls Nasima in a very difficult situation. I have been sneezing in their urinals for 17 years. When mosquitoes fly on the body, I chase it. Although the girl is fine, but after sending her to 6th class, she could not teach anymore due to lack of money.

Asked how the family was doing, he said, “I spend my days without eating with the help of the people around me financially.” Asked if the government had received any assistance, he said two disability allowance cards had been issued in the name of two disabled boys a year ago.

Talking to Md. Al-Amin, Publicity Secretary of North Salua Social Welfare Council, a social organization in North Salua village. He expressed his condolences to the family and called upon them to come forward.
Advocate Muhammad Shah Alam, our correspondent and Kuliarchar correspondent of Daily Manabjamin, provided some financial assistance to the family when they returned after collecting information.

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