In Bagerhat, the former chairman of Bipaka became a candidate in the UP election

In Bagerhat, the former chairman of Bipaka became a candidate in the UP election

Abu-Hanif, Bagerhat Office

Former chairman Mahbubur Rahman Sikder is in trouble as an independent candidate for the post of chairman of Putikhali Union Parishad in Morelganj upazila of Bagerhat. Not only him, but also his supporters Awami League and its allies are being threatened to leave the area. He made the allegation at a press conference held at Bagerhat Press Club on Tuesday afternoon.

In a written statement at the press conference, Mahbubur Rahman Sikder mentioned that he was the president of Putikhali Union Awami League from 1996 to 2013. The terrorists of Jamaat-e-Islami BNP who beat him and the leaders and activists of Awami League in 2001 are now torturing them again as new Awami Leagues.

A. in this election. Razzak has been made a boatman. His elder brother Mosharraf Sheikh is the president of Union BNP, another brother Shah Alam is the union secretary of Jamaat and another brother Ali Azim Babul is the organizing secretary of Morelganj Upazila Juba Dal. How many of these brothers together established a reign of terror in the area in 2001. Peaceful locals are still hostages to them.

He has become a candidate for the boat at the request of the locals. But opponents have been harassing him since he became a candidate.

During the recent formation of the parliamentary by-election committee in Mangalerhat, Union Awami League president Maulana Abdul Quader and other Awami League and Juba League activists were seriously injured in the attack.

On March 26, while he was on his way to Bhatkhali Bazar for the election campaign, he reached Ghazalia area and was attacked by his rival candidate A. Razzak. 12/13 members of his team were injured. He filed a case with Morelganj police station.

But the opponents subtly filed false cases against 9 people including his brother and nephew. Since then, local Awami League, Chhatra League and Sramik League leaders and activists have been threatening to leave the area.

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