‘Ignoring UNO directives’ In Sharankhola, 20 families were electrocuted in the dark

Abu Hanif, Bagerhat Office

In Sharankhola of Bagerhat, the power connection has been cut off for a long time due to the fall of the power line on the roof of the house. For a long time, 20 families in the area have been in darkness. If a written complaint is lodged with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer seeking redressal, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer recommends and takes appropriate action. The AGM of Palli Bidyut has ignored the UNO’s directive and has not resolved the matter yet.There are 20 families in the area in panic.

According to the on-the-spot investigation, Bidyut Kanti Sikder, son of Chittaranjan Sikder of South Tafalbari village in Southkhali union of the upazila, built a two-storey tin house in his own house. The 25-year-old power line wire is mixed on top of the rice.

As a result, the family is at serious risk. As soon as electricity is connected to the line, the rice becomes electric. Now, if the power lines are not removed, the family will not be able to do the rest of their housework. And can not turn on the line. As a result, 20 families in the area have been deprived of electricity for about a month.

Therefore, if the affected families lodge a written complaint with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sardar Mostafa Shahin (June 22) seeking removal of the power line from the roof of the house, the Executive Officer sends the recommended application to the AGM in charge of Sharankhola Palli Bidyut to take immediate action. But the village power authority did not take any action ignoring the recommended application.

In this regard, Area Zonal Manager (AGM) of Sharankhola Palli Bidyut Md. Ashekur Rahman Sumon said that it is not possible to remove the line if Al Amin Mollah, son of Asmat Ali Mollah of the same house does not put poles on his land. If the two families come to an agreement, the line can be removed.

However, Al-Amin Mollah said that wherever he puts poles on top of my house, the same problem will arise in the rice of my house in the future. So if you remove the line from here and take it to the front road, there will be no problem. However, the families in the area want a quick solution and insist on providing electricity connection to the line.

Bidyutkanti Sikder, who has filed an application along with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer on behalf of 20 families without electricity, told the media, “We have not been able to do any work in my house since we have been without electricity for almost a month.” Show different types of excuses. ###

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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