Hygiene is neglected in Eid market in Habiganj.

Liton Pathan, Sylhet Bureau Chief:

In Habiganj’s Shayestaganj, buyers and sellers are showing their thumbs up to the hygiene rules. There is no overflowing crowd in the markets. Parents have always been seen walking around with a three-month-old baby as if both buyers and sellers were not caring.

In the midst of such a reality, various campaigns by the administration are continuing but nothing is working.

On Friday and Saturday, I visited different hats and bazaars of Shayestaganj for two days – it was like a fair of people everywhere. A few people wear masks but the rest are bored. Some people have a mask but it is hanging under the chin. Besides, there is no way for the parents to understand that there is something called coronavirus in the country.

Alipur Industrial Park Area Sutang Bazar Area Bashirganj Bazar Driver Bazar Daudnagar Bazar, Puran Bazar The same picture is seen at the same time uncontrolled passenger transport of public transport, traffic jam has been observed due to parking. If no good answer was found.

Abdur Rahman Khan, a cloth merchant, when asked about the rules and regulations of buying and selling in shops, said it is Eid, so it is not possible even if he wants to. Asked about hand sanitizers, he said: Joint Secretary Asit Ranjan Das said the people of Shayestaganj may have to face dire consequences if there is such a presence.

Considering the importance of the issue, I think there is no other way but to be strict with the administration, ”said Abul Kashem Shiblu, president of the Shayestaganj Businessmen’s Welfare Association.

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