Hundreds of bighas of land including a mosque are on the verge of extinction in Abhaynagar

Aminur Rahman, Jessore:

There is a proverb that “one river breaks and another river breaks”. The word has been proved to be completely true in the wide part of the Bhairab river in Abhaynagar.

The erosion of the Bhairab River from the eastern edge of Bhatpara Bazar in Baghutia Union of Abhaynagar Upazila of Jessore to Bhugilhat Shiterghat is so severe that a road along the river with half an acre of land belonging to about half a hundred families has completely disappeared into the riverbed.

On the way to disappear in the riverbed. The mosque and the Eidgah will disappear in just 10 feet. The villagers are trying to prevent the erosion by collecting bamboo from the village.

But it is nothing but a consolation of the mind. Every day the land is breaking down and disappearing into the riverbed.

Mollah Monirul Islam, general secretary of the mosque committee, said, “The demolition is intensifying day by day. We villagers are trying to prevent the demolition with bamboo. But it doesn’t seem to be working.” The mosque could have been protected if it had received a bigger allocation from the government. Five years ago, a staircase was erected by the Union Parishad with an allocation of Rs 50,000 for the TR project.

Locals have sought the cooperation of the Chairman, Upazila Chairman and Hon’ble MP to protect the Bhugilhat Central Jame Mosque and Eidgah established on 12 per cent land. Akramuzzaman Quddus, former general secretary of the Paikpara Residents Union Awami League, said a large allocation was needed to protect the Eidgah and the mosque.

Union Awami League general secretary Mallik Shawkat Hossain said 24 per cent of Ansar Master, 50 per cent of late Maulvi Saidur Rahman, 50 per cent of late Asad Qazi, 48 per cent of late Tofaz Sheikh, 48 per cent of late Abul Hossain, two acres of late Kopel Majhi and 38 per cent of former chairman Abdur Razzak.

Percentage, 1 acre of late Ahmed Sheikh, 1 acre of late Belal Hossain, 50 percent of land of late Kashem Majhit and many other lands have been lost in the river Bhairab. If a 2 km river protection dam can be constructed from Bhatpara Bazar to Shitar Ghat, then everything will be possible to be protected.

UP Chairman Babul Akhter said, “It is a matter of big budget. Only the Water Development Board can solve the problem.”

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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