Hiding in India after being attracted to ISKCON, family claims kidnapping; PBI Rangpur unraveled

Mir Dinar Hossain, Special Correspondent:

PBI, Rangpur has opened the case of abduction of Sunil Chandra’s family after two long years by bringing Mr. Sunil Chandra (18) who went missing from Harisava ISKCON Temple near Kurigram Diabetic Hospital on 31/07/2019. District.

According to PBI Rangpur sources, Shri Sunil Chandra (18
17 years 09 months), son of Shri Haren Chandra Das, a resident of Sobandaha village under Sadar Police Station, Kurigram District, was arrested on 31/07/2019 at Harigaswa Iskcon Mandir near Kurigram Diabetes Hospital. 2) Shri Nikhil Chandra, 3) Shri Rebati Chandragan filed a statement in the wise court to the effect that he was abducted on a motorcycle and kept in an unknown place.

Case No. 16 of Kurigram Sadar Police Station, dated 19/03/20 English, Penal Code 365/368/114/34 was referred to the wise court.

Later, while the case was under investigation at the police station, the plaintiff in the case was directed to investigate the case from the police headquarters to PBI, Rangpur.

The PBI in Rangpur is investigating the case and finds out that the victim is living in India. After a long effort under the supervision of Superintendent of Police, Mr. ABM Zakir Hossain, PBI Rangpur, SI Md. Ikramul Haque contacted the victim Sunil on WhatsApp and rescued Sunil from the border area of ​​Sonahat land port under Bhurungamari police station in Kurigram district. When he was produced in the wise court on 2021, Victim Sunil testified in the wise court that he himself was attracted to religion and went to India legally with passport and visa for pilgrimage.
PBI Rangpur sources said that further proceedings in the case are continuing.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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