Heavy rains in Bhairab-North and South Narail of Abhaynagar

Aminur Rahman (Staff Reporter) Jessore:

Four unions in Bhairab-North East of Abhaynagar Upazila of Jessore and several dirt roads in rural areas of Bichali Union in South Narail have become impassable due to heavy rains. Due to which thousands of ordinary people are constantly suffering.

These scenes have been seen in a few villages of Bhairab North and several villages of Bichali Union.

About one kilometer of the road between Bashuari and Rishipara in Dakshinpara of Bashuari village in Shubhara union of the upazila has become unusable due to mud in the rain.

It is known that even though there is a pitch road on both the sides of the road, this one kilometer in the middle of the road is not paved and due to a little rain, water accumulates and mud is formed.

The road in Ranagati village of the same union is suffering due to accumulation of rain water and mud on the paved brick roads. Moreover, the condition of about 10 roads of Shuvrara Union including Shuvrara, Shukpara, Hidia, Gopinathpur and Gher Par is the same. Meanwhile, ordinary people are suffering due to mud on about 9 roads of Siddhipasha Union including Nauli Uttarpara, Uttar Bilpara and Uttar Beel Road of Adukha field.

Hafizur Rahman, a member of Ward No. 1 of Siddhipasha Union, said water had risen in the backyards of about 30 families as there was no alternative to remove the water by cutting fish fences on the side of the road.

In Nauli Uttarpara and Arpara, water was seen on the ground and in the houses of several families. The middle road of Bhabanipur to Potpara garden in Baghutia Union has become impassable due to mud. Besides, several roads including Bhugilhat river bank road, Paikpara beel road, Singari Shivnagar to Banipur road have become muddy due to rain water, locals said.

Although the road from Maladhar to Kodla in Sridharpur Union No. 5 is paved, sometimes there are dirt roads, the dilapidated condition of the dirt road has made the locals uneasy.

Local Amjad Hossain said that if it rains, the dirt road is the cause of our extreme suffering. If Erasta was ripe, their grief would be alleviated a little. Meanwhile, there are road breakdowns at about 7 places from Singari to Gobra on Bhatpara, Narail road, which has now turned into a death trap. Bus driver Atiyar Mollah said that if the road is not repaired, it will not be possible for them to drive on this road.

The road in this region is in a dilapidated condition with the dirt road of Chakai Horse, Uttarpara, Beel Para, Chakai to Madhur Gati in South Narail. The aggrieved common people have sought the attention and intervention of the concerned authorities to repair these roads quickly.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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